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So I've created multiple ads using the same audiences, and my ad spend is higher than FB suggested bid price, along with spend limit being very high.

These ads are approved and not delivering. Although, I do see that there is a 31% audience overlap on both of the audiences being targetted: https://gyazo.com/e717cf93c095b7a5033cc0f6a9467f63

Can this be the reason? If so, how do I advertise multiple ads to the same audiences. As currently I'm advertising to the same audiences but setting interests and behaviors to narrow down to each ad.

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    Did you got the issue resolved? Also keep in mind Facebook is not the same it used to few years back where if you got money in your pocket you will have higher chances to get conversions.

    Now everything has turned down to relevancy score you need to look into that and read FB ads T&C maybe you are violating something.
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    Maybe your ads has been flagged because of many texts on the image. Just look the boost page and see what reasons shows up there.

    Hi, my name is Da Zheng, I am the developer and founder of RankOffer.com.

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    Facebook has change many rules. To get FB delivering, you must review all this before run ads.
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