If Google wants the original, then why do my Pinterest pins show up before my site?

by bleu
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My webpages are mostly images since I sell art and graphics on products, I'm trying to be more texty...

but anyway...there is a bit more info on my webpage and my Pinterest pin links to my webpage so why does the pin show up in search before the page with the actual stuff on it?
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    Sounds like your Pinterest account is game more activity than your website and your tags are obviously very good try adding a bit of text with your keywords in on the website in my help
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    If Google wants the original, then why do my Pinterest pins show up before my site?

    You're confused.

    Google never said they want the original of anything.

    Pinterest outranks you because they have more authority.

    Anyone could copy your images, build followed backlinks pointing directly at the image URL (not page URL) and outrank your images on Google Images or do the same with webpages on regular SERPs.
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    Obviously, your personal webpage is not very well optimized for SEO and since Pinterest probably is, it outranks you with no problem. You either need to invest some time and effort into improving your SEO or just accept that the pin is outranking your site and concentrate on the other things you do.The pin leads people back to you in the end, so it's not bad promotion and since they are outranking you so easily, it's probably a good think that your pin is higher up in the results and it can probably reach rankings that your site currently might not be able to.
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    Its just that Google trusts Pinterest more than your site and its an authority site and users hitting that keywords are more likely to jump into images rather than posts.
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