Is it good to use paid website promotional services

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I've come across few paid services like

"Add website to 1000 search engines and catalogs"
"Add website to 120 social bookmarking sites"

Is it fine or beneficial to use these kind of services. Please suggest.
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    The likelihood is that the social bookmarking sites and such hold little to no value, Google could even see this as spammy.

    You're much better off saving your money (or spending it somewhere else that holds more value for you) and work on high quality links with high relevance.
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    It is almost not working for google. You may be ban. Try to do SEO or social bookmarking. It will be helpful for you.
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    Your site is already listed on the search engines, what are you adding them for again?

    The social bookmarking is irrelevant.

    If am ever going to be doing any of these sort of thing then it may be on classified ads sites or directories. And that's after sorting out the high traffic sites among them all.
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    Build the quality backlinks from the good authority websites which are relevant to your site niche that will help you sure!
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    It depends on the provider. There are thousands of shitty ones, some mediocre ones and a few good ones that might actually be worth your cash. Finding them is what's usually challenging and even reviews can't always be trusted 100%...
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