How can I generate 2K+ Traffic on my site through the social media ?

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I am having a blog regarding to the New Generation (Youth) . I want to make it popular as it's really helpful to the end user. So Can I generate Bulk traffic to it through the social media
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    If we are talking about Social Media you should understand that your social media page or account ~ your site. People which spend a lot of time on Social Media won't be happy leaving it for your site. So what you can do increase number of users within Social media, but that would be really hard to transfer them to your own site.
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    Social Media is the good option for organic traffic as per requirements like. twitter, facebook, Linkedin, and more .

    If you're really looking organic traffic within limited budget then "PPC" with "CMP" is the best option. You can easy to reach your goal with us.

    for more information visit google Adwords PPC with CMP techniques .

    I hope that above information is useful for you.

    Thank you
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      Originally Posted by CedCommerce View Post

      If you're really looking organic traffic within limited budget then "PPC" with "CMP" is the best option. You can easy to reach your goal with us.
      Dear Ced,

      That's CPM not CMP and also I want tell you PPC and CPM is paid service, why you are counting it in organic traffic services?
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    If you post interesting articles that people would to read they will probably click through to your website to read the full text. This works well on facebook and twitter. I would also try pinterest (e.g. infographics that look interesting).

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    You won't get huge amounts of traffic through social media if you're only just starting. Social media accounts that have huge audiences take a long, long time to build and even then your numbers will probably not rake in 2k visitors.

    You are more likely to get much better traffic results by running a few PPC ad campaigns.
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    It's not going to happen overnight if you don't use the sponsored ads provided by the social media sites.

    You can begin by creating a catchy fan page on Facebook and Twitter and upload clean images.

    Next step is to invite people to like your social media pages and post useful information that are engaging.

    Sometimes you may want to have fun by posting some great humours and also give out freebies.
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      Yes buddy , I have created with the fan pages on facebook and twitter too.. I need some tool which will help me to grab it organically .. If you have something relevant please lemme know
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    Have patience, that is the most important thing. I would recommend making a fan page so that they can see your content without having to leave the social media site. after building credibility start sending people over by providing links to information only available at your site. You could also go the route of Facebook ads but I'm sure you want free traffic.
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  • The key here is your blog content, if your blog has quality content, something new to the millennials, once they saw your blog, it can easily spread out thru social media. Make sure to have quality content on your blog.
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    Leverage The Power Of FaceBook Group Marketing

    Nowadays, Facebook Groups and Fanpages are GREAT Sources of FREE Advertising and Generating LEADS to your business.
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    Best option is to use Adverts to build your social media profiles from scratch and engage users so that they can convert well for you.
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    Social media is a great place for promoting your blogs and generating a lot of traffic. There are plenty of ways to use these sites, depending upon your goals you can build a powerful marketing strategy.
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    If you want to receive a good amount of traffic from social media, then simply post frequently nice posts youth related. Choose among Youtube videos, the ones with a lots of views and post them to your Facebook page, join youth related groups, follow new people and they will follow you back. If you have some money to spend to increase Facebook likes and boost your posts, that would be great...

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    The quickest way would be paid ads but you can get loads of traffic from social media by getting a shoutout or in other words a sponsored post with an account that already has a large following. This is big on Instagram and Twitter. Not so sure about shoutouts on Facebook or Pinterest but you can get them on Instagram and Twitter for sure. You just find large accounts and check their bio to see if they offer shoutouts or paid posts and have them post your pic or video with your caption.

    On Instagram you can't post clickable links in your caption but you can have a clickable link in your accounts BIO so either you ask the account holder if they can put your link in their BIO for the length of the shoutout or you can direct people to your Instagram account where you can have your link in your bio. Your account name with the @ symbol in front of it will be clickable in the caption so you can direct people to your accounts bio to click your link.
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    Everyone always mentions traffic from Twtter, Facebook, etc... but there are other social networks out there with a huge participation that can be leveraged from immediate traffic.

    This is only my experience, but I have a news related website and I submit links to Reddit. Not all get huge exposure, but I've had some get upvoted, commented on and have driven thousands of visitors to my site from there. Also other forums and message boards that related to my topics, posting articles there with a link to my site. Not every one is a big hit, but when you get one that's popular, it fast, east traffic.
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    Blogs in general tend to have a high amount of traffic if you are targetting many keywords. It will definitely be easy to accomplish with social media specifically facebook, instagram, and snapchat. Facebook pages with good images and captions and the occasional video is good. Put your websites link in your instagram bio. Relevant hash tags will get you more engagement. 2k daily traffic can be achieved in very little time for a blog.
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