How much Instagram effective in increasing traffic to your site?

by rcvnb
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I have been posting my site's images and links on Instagram with a short brief and about 10 relevant tags for last 3-4 months. So far I have placed 50 posts on Instagram. I have observed no traffic coming to my site from Instagram. I find it a total waste of time and efforts on posting my site's images and links on Instagram.
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    I think that depends on the niche of your business. If you are in the web hosting service providing Instagram won't help you. But if you are designer, photographer or selling closes for example that means that people see your work or goods in Instagram and then most likely go to your web site to find out more info if they are interested.
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    For things like instagram you want a unique product that they will google or look up to try find more details about. Not just a link to a page with a pic.

    Make the photo interesting and plug the product or whatever it may be in to generate interest. It makes it look more fun and less "click me" advertising.
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    Building your brand on Instagram is difficult if you are not a public figure or celebrity. I thing Instagram is not effective as twitter and facebook.
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  • Hi there. Double check the hashtags you are using. Are they targeted for your niche? Also test the time of your posting, timing can also be a factor for increasing your traffic. Do not also post more photos that sounds you are selling something, share something valuable too like tips, advice, great images of your daily grind etc.

    Hope this helps.
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    For me Instagram is about showcasing your brand rather than a major traffic driving platform. You HAVE to me spot on with hashtag use and I'm talking about using as many as possible but also networking your way through the platform, commenting on other profiles.

    Instagram is defo a 2 way street like that, you must be prepared to both post great content but also get your butt out there commenting on other accounts
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    Why do people give weird advice about traffic from Instagram. Actually, Instagram is pretty good for driving traffic overall. You have to make sure whatever you promote on Instagram matches the content you post. I received over 10K+ visitors in one day from one Instagram post so I know personally. The issue with you is that you need quality people on your page. Hopefully your page wasn't built with a bot.
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    I've had more luck with Twitter than Instagram, but like other people said, it depends on your brand and niche. Instagram is good for anything in the Arts field, photography, graphic design, etc...

    But it probably won't drive tons of traffic unless people are looking at your Bio and see your website link. You may be better off gaining followers on Twitter/Facebook and then gaining exposure that way.
    Rank First, Pay After - If you don't rank, you don't pay!
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    I get loads of traffic from Instagram to my sites. You said you have been posting your links. You can only have one link in your Instagram accounts BIO so if your posting links in your caption they are not clickable so the link has to be very short and easy to remember or no one is going to be bothered having to keep checking the spelling on and typing a long link out. Since you are using a site with multiple articles and posts you may want to use a directory of your posts with links to each article you are posting about and put that in your Instagram accounts BIO and in the caption of a certain pic you can say Click the link in my BIO and see link #12 for this article. This will allow you to have all your links active and clickable and can increase the amount of people you get to your site. Making people type out a long URL will kill conversions.

    Also are you using tracking?
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    If you keep your link in your bio and you have a relatively large following then you can get some super targetted traffic. Some pages will even use so you can go and look and see how many clicks they are getting per day. I saw a 1m account get only 150 clicks a day.
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    For Instagram, you need different marketing strategy based on your business type and products. Start with your bio, Instagram is a place for fun so make a compelling bio that attracts your audience.
    Post awesome pictures of your products with nice descriptions and right hashtags. Be consistent and post interesting content.
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    Use hashtags
    Host a takeover
    Hold contests
    Work with brand ambassadors
    Find a community
    Share video
    Post strategically
    Like and comment on photos
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  • Instagram requires strong userbase for which you can get traffic to your website! Follow instragram tips-

    Regular Posting
    Engaged in the likes and comments with replies too
    Use High quality Images and Videos
    Use many niche hashtags
    followed daily 50+ user's
    Hold Contest
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    Are you telling your instagram followers to click the link in your bio? You'll be surprised how rewording different CTA's can change your results
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    Hashtags play a vital role on Instagram. They let users see relevant photos, ideas, and captions they wouldn't have discovered before. This can ultimately drive traffic to a website from new followers gained using hashtags, as well as increase brand exposure.
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    Use hashtag for every post and create description that SEO to your targeting keyword.Like and comment other related with your's.
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    Originally Posted by rcvnb View Post

    I have been posting my site's images and links on Instagram with a short brief and about 10 relevant tags for last 3-4 months. So far I have placed 50 posts on Instagram. I have observed no traffic coming to my site from Instagram. I find it a total waste of time and efforts on posting my site's images and links on Instagram.
    I've found it to be much more work to get traffic to my site from Instagram so I focus
    on Facebook more than IG.

    Just not worth my time at the moment.

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    May be instagram traffic not effect on website traffic, but yes it can effect your keywords with hash tags.
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    I agree with @EugeneWHZ, your success will depend on the suitability of your product/service you market for Instagram. If you are not selling visual products, you need to be more creative in your instagram marketing.

    Some shops and local businesses post photos of their office and employees in Instagram to help with recruitment efforts, or generate good will with their customers.
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    Aside from posting photos since it’s a social platform, schedule a few minutes each week to comment on prospect accounts and respond to comments on your social feed.

    Aside from product photos, post content design to BUILD TRUST like behind-the-scenes photos of your business, or photos of the progress of building the product.
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