(How) Should I promote with a sensible topic on FB? (a pain so strong nobody likes to talk about)

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Hey guys,
I am solving a problem that can be solved but it really "hurts", it is an extreme pain point for all who have this issue. Nobody likes to talk about it, really, but it persists.

Now, I have absolutely no idea how I can market a very sensitive topic nobody wants to hear or talk about (because it is inherently unsexy, maybe think of AIDS).

I believe if I create a page about the topic, nobody would ever like it because you don't want to get all your friends to know you have AIDS (just for reference), right?
=> absolutely no interactions etc.

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    You may be dealing with a very specific niche, and Facebook might not be the best market for that if it's related to a really uncomfortable or secretive topic. People on Facebook aren't going to want all their friends to see them "liking" a topic that could expose a secret of theirs.

    If you're going to follow through with this niche, and if you create a site, it might be better to join online communities where people are already talking about this topic and refer them to it. Like the AIDs example you used, there are forums and places where people with that condition can talk freely to others about it and get advice and such.

    Otherwise, the more trendy/popular your website's topic is, the better it does on mainstream social media...in my experience anyway.
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    Sometimes truth has its way with people. If you have a story to share about the pain you are going through, then people can relate to it and they might share it or like it. It's not necessary that they would have gone through the same pain as you, but they would have felt the same pain in a different issue. Those who have felt pain will definitely understand others pain. Start a FB page or Blog only when you are ready to share about it.
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    Just create the page anyway because people who would care about the topic and those who are searching for solutions which you claim you are working on and can solve) would still see it and look at your about section and maybe go to your website.

    In facebook nowadays, for political forums for example people like and post under their alias accounts. So you might even get some interaction. Some are even open about sensitive topics. You can post links to your landing pages their so you can capture their emails and take the conversation there.
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    Well it could turn into something good if you are doing it for awareness purposes (people tend to hop on board with that for whatever reason)
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