Question about facebook targeting?

by szaby
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If 90% of the people that click on my ads?are women should i only target women?The industry is furniture?
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    From the people that click your ads, how many are converting do you know?
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    It is true that women tend to purchase more online. If your statistics are showing mostly women clicking then go with what your stats are telling you.
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    I think that you need to narrow your targeting for sure. Women is very wide. You need to decide age, locations, profession, education etc.
    That would allow your to spread your marketing budget and get really good effect.
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    What you could do, is keep that ad running, and create a similar with the exact same info (with one small change) have it targeting women only. If/when that converts then scale it up. If you really want to be brave, create another similar ad to target men (so you will have 3 ads runnings) and see which one converts and offers a higher ROI.

    Good luck
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    It's a good option to narrow down your target, but with a safe backup. If your conversion rates are good and you are at least 80% sure those are real women, then it's worth the try.
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