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by arre
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Hey guys!

I am launching website with paid membership and i am targeting people that are in search for a apartments or rums for rent. The question is how do you know who to target?

What interest or age/sex?

We wasted almost all our budget on testing and are stuck... Would be extremely thankful for all kind of help!
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    I think, one of the major target groups would be students! International students or just the ones who are not locals..not always they want to stay in campus, but are searching for more privacy, but for reasonable price of course On FB there's a bunch of groups where people are searching or offering their places for rent, so definitely try those out!

    Kristina Bikare -Travelpreneur

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    Ok, thanks! Ill try to target students!

    The FB Groups are closed and wont show up in the ad manager when you select targeting.
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    Since you've already spent a lot of money on fb ads, why not try another way to find prospective members? Why not just hire a social media assistant to search in facebook those currently looking for apartments and rooms for rent and have them comment or message this person personally?

    Ask them to reply back with an email if they are interested in learning more about the value your site offers. This way you can also include them in your facebook custom audience later on.
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    Another alternative approach than facebook marketing is contacting HR of IT companies that mostly hire H-1B visa holders since HR usually assist these people in finding apartments/rooms for rent.

    You can check out directories like this H1B Sponsors - Database of Companies that have sponsored H1B or LCAs in the past
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