What to do with 22k Dog Niche Instagram Account, No ideas at all!

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Hey everyone
I always loved dogs and when there was that cpa offer pet photo contest i made good $$$ by making fb pages and promoting that stuff to people...i recently grew my instagram account to 22k followers in dog niche...and it is growing fast. But i didn't make a single cent from it!
I don't know how to monetize that traffic from instagram, and whenever i post some website or somethign for they to click etc...from 100 people maybe 2 people clicks on it so that is incredible low conversion.
So if anyone has some thoughts what to do, or maybe a place to sell this account or to sell shoutout and how to find people for shoutouts that would be awesome.
Thanks for reading!
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    So every time you post a link, 440 interested people click (2% of 22k). If you ask me that's not too bad.

    Are you trying to sell them the right products? If you don't earn, sounds like the problem is with converting these people after they get on your website.
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    Noo...i mean from every 100th i guess maybe 1-3 people click on website..it is very very low.. i tried sending them messages about 200 per day! maybe 10 responded and no one did any action...i tried lots of stuff but they just want to like and comment and to repost images...
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      You put a link in your bio I assume. Do you also put links on your images? Or only tell them to click the link in your bio?

      How many clicks do you get every day to your website from instagram?
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    I put in Bio and i put in description when placing image *sometimes...and i also sometimes place it on image and i also send them direct message
    I am not spamming but i get maybe 5 clicks all day from link in bio...incredibly low...i even made website for photo contest just to see if anyone is interested and no one seems interested at all!
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    Personally I would either try to sell my own product if it was based in that niche - or sell shoutouts/advertisements.

    There will be people online selling dog toys, leads, even dog clothes etc. Pets is actually a huge niche and I'm sure there's someone out there looking for a 22k audience to get exposure from.
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    Try swapping shoutouts with other similar pages. This will get you more clicks on your link in your bio. One thing I always wanted to do was start a weekly/monthly dog food business where you maybe profit $2-3 per order and then let somebody else handle the rest (dropshipper). This could also be accomplished by importing dog food for even more cash in your pocket. If you get 1k people to sign up then you are already making 3k/month.


    I made this page a long time ago and sold it to a big company. xxx,xxx
    Make sure you leave your contact information somewhere on the page.
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    I'd try and grow it more before you try shout outs. If you do shoutouts too early, you could lose followers. And if you don't lose them, you will exhaust the small amount (in comparison to the larger dog accounts out there) that you have after a few posts from the same advertiser.

    Best bet would be to do SFS (shout for shout) with similar size pet accounts so that you guys each grow each other's followers but don't pay anything. It's really easy to do, just find a similar sized account and DM them to see if they would be interested. Once you've grown your account more, you should try contacting some bigger brands in the dog space because everyone wants to do influencer advertising right now and you can make a lot from the large brands.
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