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This is a question I always do for mysel. How do some group owners to get 50 or 100 thousands of members? If somebody now it please teach me. And thank you !!
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    This can be accomplished a lot of ways. The niche might have something to do with how fast the page is growing. It is typically nothing but group members inviting their friends. This could be done with a simple message saying to invite friends, contest, or if you are into the social media programs they sometimes have tools that are helpful for inviting friends to groups.
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    Depends on what kind of Niche you have any what kind of content are you providing over the group.
    I once saw a guy promoting his group over Facebook Adverts you could go with the same but in the end all that matters is what actually are you providing to the users since an average facebook user would have atleast 50 or so groups in his profile and he checks like 3-4 groups consistently while others are just kept in the side.
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