Does Facebook not like schedulers?

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I've heard that Facebook doesn't like one to use an outside scheduler, such as Hootsuite (we use SocioCaster). If FB doesn't like them, what are the ramifications of using a scheduler?

Thanks in advance!
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    Could you provide the source that said fb doesn't like schedule? Personally I think it treat the same!

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    I would also stick to the point that it would appear the same to facebook and why would they hate scheduler.

    Feel easy while using one you wont face any issues.
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    From what I know it could affect organic reach if you use an outside scheduler. I'm not 100% sure of why, but I do notice a difference if I schedule a post on Facebook rather than an outside scheduler.

    That being said it's not a big difference, but there is a small difference in organic reach. It all has to do with their algorithm which is constantly changing. One thing that affects organic reach today might not affect it tomorrow if the algorithm is changed.
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    Thank you Mike and Michael.

    I don't remember where I had read that, but I remember seeing it more than once and years ago. I recently had a prospective customer say that's what she had heard. So I wanted to check it out with others. I also just asked it in a webinar of a very knowledgable Facebook marketer and he had stats that showed he was doing just fine with using a scheduler.

    Perhaps it's just old info or was never true.

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    Thank you so much. That explains why some people said there was an impact and some said there wasn't.
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    Some 3rd party posting tools are deemed to get more reach than others, but really it could be any number of factors that mean brands using Buffer or Hootsuite or Adobe social, get more reach than other tools.
    For example, many of the enterprise level brands that use products like Adobe Social will have large, highly engaged audiences -- as well as strategic and creative teams behind their social content.
    This means they're likely to receive higher engagement than your average Facebook Page, whether they post natively, through Adobe Social, PostPlanner, Hootsuite or any other 3rd party tool.
    In order for these studies to get more accurate findings from their results, we feel it'd be better to measure the same brands and way of posting across various tools (e.g. one brand using Buffer, Adobe Social, Hootsuite, etc).
    Though our gut feeling is that this approach wouldn't show any significant variations in reach or engagement no matter which tool is used to post.
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  • There really isn't much of a difference. But I think it may also be because 3rd party schedulers sometimes have a hard time adapting to algorithm changes within Facebook, which can reduce a reach temporarily. But once the scheduler adapts to the changes, the reach goes back to normal.
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    Mass Planner and other 3rd party solutions work smoothly with FB

    OP, Maybe you're just experiencing a technical hiccup with the API your tool is using?
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    This is not true, but if the tool you are using is not good then you can always just schedule posts manually.
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