How can I get cheap clicks on Facebook?

by gnr991
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Hi there
I'm trying to promote my dog training site's facebook page with facebook ads,
But every like costs me more than $1
How can I reduce the price?
Thank you
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    try fiverr.
    i've ordered 1000 fb likes for 5$
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    1000 likes on fiverr is fake likes . Don't do that.

    Post Your Content On Our Active Fanpage ( 2 mil REAL likes )
    17% engagement rate. Contact me for more info.

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      any "buying likes" are fakes)))
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    For cheaper clicks you can hire a smo executive it is the best cheapest way to get more clicks .
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    Don't buy fake followers! There's no point to that!

    Really the only answer that will work is to KEEP TESTING.

    I suggest starting with a few different ads and set them to $1-$2 per day and do some testing for awhile. Eliminate the ads that aren't producing and keep the one or two ads that are getting a good cpc.
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    Why do you want likes? They don't necessarily equal sales. You can target likes in different countries that will be cheaper, but the chances of conversions are very slim at best.
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    If you want to use this page in long term, I think you should invest money to build the page first.
    You find some viral video on youtube which related to your niche. Download and then upload to your page.
    You run ads for this video, and you will have a lot of people like your post with very small cost ( sometimes is 0.005$ per like ) => invite them to like page => after have > 1000 like page. now you run your training ads. you will see that the cost of you will be smaller than before.
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    Test different images, text, and target audiences. Try to narrow the reach down and also if that does not work then tweak your landing page.
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