Want to Make money with Facebook fan page.

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I have highly engaging facebook fan page , But I don't know how to monetize to make some money through it.
Can anyone tell me some of the monetization technique for facebook fan page?
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    Build a magazine website like buzzfeed, add Adsense (or something related) to your website. Promote it on your fanpage and start earning.
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    Check out opportunities for social media influencers from sites like https://famebit.com/creators where brands will pay you to promote their products in Facebook.
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    I agree with the Social Influencers suggestion. Work towards offering some content of value and building relationships with some of the influencers and ask them their opinions on the content. Sometimes just a few comments from them can help kickstart a lot of the activity.

    Also make sure your page is free from errors and that you have branded it well and completed all the description and contact details.

    Lastly, if you have not integrated any form of fangate or optin capabilities within your page, consider doing so as well.
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    Yeah managing a website around your niche would be the best option you can then monetize it with Adsense or clickbank or amazon products.
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      Originally Posted by michaelkoehler92 View Post

      Yeah managing a website around your niche would be the best option you can then monetize it with Adsense or clickbank or amazon products.
      Exactly! Make sure to have great content that will get people interested in your website. Also build an email list so that you can effectively reach your audience even more.

      It's all easier said than done just know it will take some time and hard work to build up a good website that can generate money from ads and affiliates. Wish you the best if you already have a good following it will pay off.
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    Thanks for replying worrior. Building a website would be the better option and also social influencer would help instantly without my content.....
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  • You can promote affiliate products from amazon, shareasale and others to earn commission on your facebook page. However you can't sell posts on your page because facebook prohibits third-party advertising because its revenue comes from ads on the site.
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    Firstly create a website with medium cpc niches than add adsense and promote with fan page
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    You can make money on your Facebook fan page through becoming to add a affiliate partner and another alternative is to influence social media peoples/business pages for advertise your business.
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    Using Facebook fan page is really very fruitful and is free to use, you don't need to pay any amount for using fan page. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by using Facebook fan page:
    Highest Earning
    You get wide selection of blogs to select.
    Time efficient system that saves your time for getting maximum traffic.
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  • I agree with everything people has said here, the key is to build a good system, you must start by creating good and unique content to appeal your audience, then you can think about creating a good website with adsense, using an email list, start to sell products, there are a lot of ways for monetizing, you just need to get creative.
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    Which niche is the page? demographic stats?
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    For Facebook pages with a huge following like yours, why don't you create a mailing list, and then determine your audience. That mailing list is a great resource for other marketers, they could already come up with several campaign related towards it.
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  • If you have an inclination to create a website or offer a service, this is the perfect avenue for you to introduce it. You have traffic at your disposal and that's a great way to monetize your Facebook page, make sure that your post is still engaging so you don't lose them.
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    You have a good number of audience, one thing I would probably do with them is to sell them products. It could be an ebook, or actual items that could be of value or may interest them, you could figure this out through participation and experiment from there.
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    Lead generation! With that amount of traffic you could direct to a site then marketers would surely be willing to get a hold of those valuable leads, create a sign up campaign to capture the information you need, may it be through a site and then post it as your cover photo. Make it optional, but hey having it posted from time to time with an offer could be enticing.
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    If I had that page, what I would do is affiliate marketing. It's technically a no brainer, of course you already have the customers you now have to face the daunting task of determining which products they are gonna go for and would rake you in the moolah. Good luck!
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    You already have a page and you were able to gather that amount of people to like it, then the next thing you could do is create a website dedicated in curating the content that you are sharing. It is already working, so hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Create a website dedicated to the purpose of your site and do the things that the people here suggested, I am assuming that you were able to reach those people organically.
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