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What do you think is a better one for viral marketing? I've seen facebook groups with pretty tightly knit communities and high engagement, along with conversions. I think mainly because you get notifications when in a group.
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    While Facebook Pages were designed to be the official profiles for entities, such as celebrities, brands or businesses, Facebook Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion.
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  • I think it's best if you have both. A page where your fans can approach you and showcase your best content. Then create/join groups to expand your network and distribute your content.
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    Probably a page because you can use it for FB ads.

    But I wouldn't overlook the power of a FB group.

    Yes, it's free traffic...but it's people that choose to be
    there and if they know, like & trust you...well then
    they're probably gonna buy your shit.

    Not to mention that everyone sees your links (as long
    as they're allowed) in your group!

    Kicks ass

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    Yes, I understand that. I'm asking about the viral marketing applications though.

    For example:

    Pretty famous copywriting FB group:

    And one by Ryan Lee:

    The first uses it for customer acquisition, the second uses it for customer retention.

    On the other hand we have the viral fanpages like

    Just wondering in terms of conversion for people, how do you find each of them?
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    I'm not sure if I understand, but I believe everything you do should be to acquire new customers and also for customer retention.

    You can use both fanpage and group to bring more traffic to your fanpage and website.

    You can share posts from your fanpage in your group so people are aware of your fanpage.

    Also, you can only advertise through fanpages. And Facebook advertising is (I believe) the most powerful advertising platform ever created, if used right...

    I hope this helps.

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    pages are designed for official purpose maybe it is a celebrity or we can say promtion of business. groups are personal there are limited persons and are according to our interest.
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    I think if you are talking about marketing efforts you have to go with FB fan page. That is the best way as for me. Groups are good but not for marketing.
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    I think Facebook fan page is better....
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    Do facebook groups uses edge rank as in facebook page?
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    I suggest fan-page because you can drive traffic within your network. Unlike groups it will take time and many accounts to boost your product into different groups.
    I know how to run my ads using Facebook PVA without any problem.
    Please don't stop asking If you willing to know!

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    I would like to recommended Facebook Fanpage for viral marketing. You can create some smooth, interesting and compelling ways to share your content or graphics to engage as much audience as you want.
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  • I think a good strategy has to combine both: a solid Fanpage with segmented ads, and an official group where you start building a community.
    Groups can be a very powerful tool, specially if your product is sold locally or your niche is a very specific one, however they can also be quite hard to manage, you need to keep an eye on them constantly, reviewing the entry requests, moderating it, and making sure the groups keeps active.
    Another disadvantage about them is that they are usually targeted by a lot of spammers, that are constantly posting ads and thats kind of staff on them, if you dont make a good moderation for keeping them out, they can spoil the group.
    As I said before, a good strategy combines both the fanpage and the group, the fanpage can be used for increasing the audience, and the group can be used as a part of your funnel.
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    I would say Group as from what I have experienced is that if you can engage the group members a little then they will receive notification related to groups everytime while with pages its not the same.
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    I think page will be better option because you can use it for ads also .But if you want both then you can share posts from your fanpage in your group so people are aware of your fanpage.
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    It all depends on what subjects. If a particular organization, then FanPage
    If the public interests, the Group
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    Facebook fan page is better cause anyone can see it
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    USE Both
    Because Facebook Fanpage and Group twice very effective
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    Facebook Fan page is Better
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    Both are best.. But facebook fanpage is more effective than facebook group
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    If you want to reach more people, a fan page is a far better choice. It takes time to build following though, compared to building a group where you can just invite people to join.
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    I would recommended Facebook Fanpage for getting more traffic marketing
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