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I am new to the Warrior Forum.

I have just launched a service useful for youtube channels owners, business owners and companies who use videos to communicate, sell, educate or market.

Can you suggest ways I can reach out to them?

The price of my service is in the range of $100 to $200.

Thanks for any help and advice.
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    the initial grinding is very tough
    personally even i couldn't get through any
    either be a big name or strive becoming one

    you can try engaging influencer agencies..they have very good contacts
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      Thank you, Sellonlinee. I am also wondering if it makes sense to sell/offer services such as this via affiliates or partners.

      So far via cold call emails, I was able to sell to only 10 companies / individuals... my target is around 160 per month.

      In your experience what has been the best way to reach individuals and companies: that is, SEO, Direct email (cold call)?
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        my answer would be..invest in your own soon as you become lil credible..start calling them(even emails will do)
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