What Are the Current Best IM and Blogging Forums?

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What are the current best internet marketing, make money online and blogging forums at the moment?
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    There are the best Internet Marketing and Blogging Forums.
    1. Warrior Forum
    2. Wicked Fire
    3. Digital Point Forum
    4. Problogger
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      Thanks for this 4 tips

      Originally Posted by Ram20 View Post

      There are the best Internet Marketing and Blogging Forums.
      1. Warrior Forum
      2. Wicked Fire
      3. Digital Point Forum
      4. Problogger
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      I just know warriorforum before taking this post.
      Save the list first, then try the rests.
      Thanks for your tips.
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  • Well, you are already in that forum. Warrior Forum is one of the best Internet Marketing and blogging forum you can be part of. I'm not saying this just because I am also part of this forum, you can search it and it will speak for itself. The forum has a great discussion from all types of members from the newbies to the experts.
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    I agree, Warrior Forum is one of the top rated IM forums out on the web. They give out topics for self-improvement, marketing tools, people are friendly and very helpful. If you are looking for other forums that may give you another insight or ambiance perhaps you can always go to Wicked Fire, DigitalPoint, Blackhat World, and others.
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  • Warrior forum is indeed one of the bests, the marketing community is very big in the internet, there are a lot of places where you can reach them, I have found a lot of interesting groups in Facebook, Reddit, Linkedin, Quora, and there are also a lot of other forums that are very interesting.
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  • Depending on the topic or what type of forum you are aiming to look at there are many forums out there that you can visit. Some are mainly focused on affiliate marketing, SEO, or for beginners like SSWT (Self Starters Weekly Tips) Forum. It really depends on your preference and also how relevant the forum is to your needs.
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    Ignacio is right, there's a variety of quality forums and groups out there even on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. I also suggest Affilorama, eWealth, and V7 Network. These are also great resource for affiliate services and marketing ideas.
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    It's a blogging platform actually, coming out February 1st.
    Grab a free 1year license ! with a premium domain
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    Warrior Forum, is obviously the best. I am not just saying that because I am worried about getting banned lol. You actually hear all the Gurus tell you they use this forum. I have had good results posting here. I think if you are into blogging, you can share your blog posts on reddit and tumblr. You should also pin your blogpost to your pinterest account. If you have a video embed it in your blog and then pin both the video and the blog. You can do both video and regular blogs on reddit and tumblr too. You can also find conversations about your topic from Google alerts and then make a comment on the other blog or video with a quick link (a shortened url) to your blog post. Like: Hey I saw you were talking about smoothies and your recipes look so delicious, I can't wait to try them all. I have posted some recipes on my blog that you may also enjoy... blog link....
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    Wicked Forum is known as one of the top Affiliate Marketing Forums on the web, so if youre dabbling in affiliate marketing, especially in regards to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Networks, this forum is for you.
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    I've never used this but would like to try to this out.
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    Out of all the other sites, Warrior as the most informational posts
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    Warrior forum is the best ..
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