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Hi all,

I make jewelry, I am planning to start Instagramming and want to make sure that I have the right content strategy, so I thought that I'd ask you guys for advice.

If I were a ski brand, I guess I shouldn't just keep posting pictures of my skis, but rather pictures that convey the mountain sports lifestyle, right? People who are passionate about skiing will never get bored of seeing great photos around the themes of mountains
In my case, there is no such universe associated with the product. I can't imagine people wanting to watch pictures of jewelry every single day, and even though there are some nice pictures to be taken about what's around (the making, photo shoots, etc) it would also get boring pretty fast. Plus it would feel like I'm constantly trying to advertise and people hate that.

However I was thinking that there might be another way for me to reach out. I've noticed that quote boards seem to be very successful. So I was thinking of making text-based jewelry like the that piece I made below, and try to infiltrate quote boards like that. Because I figured that I get featured on one of these big quote boards I would get a lot of views, would I not?

If some experienced instagrammers could let me know their thoughts on this strategy, I'd be most grateful. Thanks.
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    Have you considered engaging the help of some influencers to wear your product, in exchange for a free one.. someone wearing your item in their glamourous daily life.?

    Otherwise getting your customers / friends and family, to take photos of them wearing the items and posting testimonals or sharing their posts could also generate some interesting Insta material, rather than the set up jewellery shots.

    I always prefer to see people out and about in their daily life in Instagram, not shots that are too set up. You should have a mix of course and quotes, info on sales / specials, a day in the life of us kind of shots (making the jewellery, design process shots etc) could also be cool.

    There will be heaps and heaps of opportunity for jewellery I would think, maybe even consider finding some bloggers that are in your niche and approach them about partnering with you and promoting the product.
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    Hi there, good question. I do a lot of social media work (instagram specifically for various ecommerce jewelry stores) and we follow a very simple formula. About 80% will be product shots with various models but every now and then we will post text and the new instagram stories as you suggested. These are a great way of differentiating yourself from the crowd but you'll be surprised by how much engagement people get from various shots.

    The "(the making, photo shoots, etc)" you have are actually extremely engaging for people and in my opinion will get you the best authority in the niche. In my experience, the people that don't get bored by these are most likely to purchase and are your target market. They are people infatuated by the idea and love the lifestyle. People who get bored easily won't bother purchasing it.

    Here are some IG Jewelry stores that are doing quite well.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I did do some operations with bloggers (not on Instagram though), but I found that they could sometimes be quite unreliable. Plus I always wonder how much of their audience is over 13 years old.
    I will certainly do it again but differently, aiming to show more of the process of having a custom piece of jewelry made for you, maybe with their motto or instagram handle.
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      Leading into Christmas customised jewellery would be a massive opportunity I would guess. Good luck.
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    You are right that instagram tends to love quotes and typography based photographs/artworks.

    I like the idea of your campaign, I would also look at brands in the similar price range or style of your own jewelry and check out what works well on their instagram pages.

    The engagement metrics are all there to be seen (likes, comments) etc. For example, if I was mid-priced, I'd analyse an account such as Pandora. One interesting thing I noticed is the use of subtle colour schemes throughout their photographs. Around 6ish photos in a set will abide to a certain colour scheme, ranging from purple to beige. This is something that can be easily integrated into my own campaign or perhaps something to experiment with in the future.

    Note things such as: seasons/weather (november is peak time for buyers for christmas!) and the latest fashion trends to "latch on" to relevance. Eg. There's a great chance to sell bo-ho styled jewelry around the time of summer festivals within the UK and USA.

    The use of influencers and models on instagram is great.

    Have you considered getting in touch with blogs that focus on outfits+accessories and them using your jewelry as statement pieces?

    This is another feature that is noticeable on Pandora's instagram, the photographs of jewelry is used to show how great and fitting the use of a certain jewelry type is for an entire outfit, not just on its own.
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    Yes you can grow in business by using social networks .Share products ,services as much as possible it will give you positive results .
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