Why does my facebook ad delivery is low?

by tnrh1
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I'm running a facebook ad with 1k$ budget a day and 400k people are targeted.
The ad is conversion optimized(purchase) and it bids automatically but I'm spending only around 1$ a day.
How so?
I've checked everything, account status, budget, ad status, schedule, spending limit everything is just fine!
I fee like I'm begging to facebook to take my money but it doesn't want!
I already ran good campaigns with cpc/cpm but when it comes to ocpm I can't get traffic!
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    Would love to know more about this as well, I'm in a similar situation. Much less budget (about 100/day) but also barely getting any impressions.
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    Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have only 1 conversion for this event(purchase)?
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    You're in a tough predicament. There is no exact ad type that would yield results on Facebook, what would be best if you could experiment on the type of ads you have. Check the relevance of the ad to your target audience, maybe there was a link that you missed.
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    The relevance is high and the ad type is web conversion optimized with purchase event.
    That's the type of ad that I would like to promote.
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    Might be better of with a "video" ad. It will recieve a much higher quality score and FB users are blind to ADs these days, they go to FB to socialize but a video AD would get much more exposure.
    Brett Rutecky talks about it on his blog HERE worth reading,
    Hope it helps..
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    I think you are right, I am not exactly an expert on this but I think it is actually good that you are paying only for the conversion. The downside is if you are paying more for just 1 measly conversion, that's unfair. If I have that budget, I would probably set up different ad campaigns to determine which one works for the product you have.
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  • I have a question, how old is this campaign you have? If this has been going on for months, you should try considering changing or updating it, if your target audience already saw and responded to it, there is a possibility that they already grew tired of it and are in need of something new and updated to catch their attention.
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    Could you try adjusting your bid to auto, so it would run smoothly with minimal intervention and would bid accordingly to your target audience. You have to keep in mind that since this is still a PPC then the estimates of conversion could actually be different in real life, so you have to be very careful with that.
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    If that was the case, maybe you could try to review your target audience, determine their buying personas and rewrite your strategy? It could be really difficult to get the amount of delivery you requires if your data is old. Update things and experiment, two essential elements in staying relevant on Facebook.
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    My target audience is girls at the age of 16-35 with an interest of shopping and fashion.
    That's the most general interest I could choose so I don't think that my audience is too targeted.
    About trying a new ad since my audience is tired of it, my audience is not seeing my ad.. I don't get impressions.
    My campaign is few days old.

    I ran the same campaign with cpm and I get a lot of traffic, as much as I need.. I don't know why in ocpm I don't.
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    We're in the same boat. It seems that facebook wants add that you pay no matter what. When I narrow ads down so that I only pay when I get what I want they just don't deliver them. Let facebook set the bid and amazingly you will be using all of your budget in no time but at a price much higher then you like.
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