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Hi Everyone

We are a music and arts magazine and we publish 5 times a week with the focus being mainly music. Rawckus Magazine

We have 3000 Twitter followers, a thousand or so Instagram followers and 10,000 Facebook likes. I think we could do better and think it's time to get a consultation regarding what we can do to improve.

Does anybody have any recommendation for a social media consultant?

Thanks in advance!
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    There are a lot to choose from although I do not have a personal recommendation. I do everything myself. From my observation, it seems you are doing good and you just have to put more effort and keep doing what you are doing. Success does not come overnight and you really need to keep on working it to get to where you want to be. If I may ask, what do you need to achieve? what are your goals? more twitter followers? more Instagram followers? more facebook likes? perhaps if you state what you plan to achieve, people will be able to answer your question correctly
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      We want to get our SM game tight, grow the followers we have on the main platforms and also develop other platforms as well such as Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc
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    I would obviously look within your niche and ask for some recommendations or alternatively put the call out to your followers - after all you are trying to find someone who understand your audience and there could be a perfectly good match in your network of 10,000 or so FB followers.

    Some social media management and planning can go a long way and can save you a heck of a lot of time, you might even decide to get someone to find some great links so you have a backlog of these and you can post just a small percentage of the posts and they can do the bulk of the rest via Hootsuite.

    I have someone who researches the posts for me and I put them together and ensure they flow - saves me heaps of hours every month and they do it for way less than my hourly rate so the customer gets a great service and I save on costs.
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