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I am a reseller on eBay I don't have a niche, I sell bits and bobs from keyrings to levis jeans new and used, I am thinking doing a blog/website I also have a you tube channel where I load videos on pick up and sells. what shall I do?
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    There are many online resources available that you can make use of to create your blog.
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    You should definitely launch a blog. You can write Blog yourself or hire a freelancer to do it for you. Based on the response you can decide what to do next. Blog is definitely a win-win.
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    Yes you should start a blog as over that you will have complete control over it besides youtube channel is not under you. Youtube can unpublish your channel anytime it wants also with a blog you can receive traffic from any source.
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    It appears to me that you could write a blog on how to be an ebay seller.

    Would be easy to monetize.
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      Originally Posted by DWaters View Post

      It appears to me that you could write a blog on how to be an ebay seller.

      Would be easy to monetize.
      Exactly. Even though you sell many different items and don't have a "niche" a blog will help.

      As time goes on, your blog will have so much content you could make categories of everything you sell.
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    -Tips and tricks on getting the most from ebay

    -reviews on the products you sell (build rapport and confidence with your buyers)

    -Simple how to videos, again on how to use the stuff you sell

    -Blog about something you enjoy to build an audience. Find products they like. Add them to your store and direct your blog readers to ebay.

    -add some of the videos you have to the blog and add more as you make them.

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    I'd say that the suggestion of an Ebayer's guide to selling could be a very good place to start content wise for your blog.

    There is so much opportunity there for topics and you could invite guest bloggers from ebay that run successful stores to contribute.

    Before long as you get followers, you will be able to figure out what content resonates with your audience and work on delivering this to your audience.
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