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I have a client who wants me to help manage his social media (fb, youtube, instagram and website) . I am looking to contract this work out but would like to get some ideas and understand the scope of what is required. The client current runs a nightlife club tour and is currently on the common tour booking platforms such as tripadvisor, viator, touristy, vivaster. He wants to increase sales using his social media channels, which currently is not being managed at all. What are some of the social media strategies should be taken to bring in more more sales. I am looking for an aggressive timeline of 2 months, ifpossible. Any advice is appreciated.
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    This is perfect for social media due to the target market and age of your market.

    There are a few things that you didn't provide, including where the nightlife club tour is being held, is it in one town or across a region.

    I would start a few things as outlined below:

    - Set up all your accounts on a program like Hootsuite, so you can quickly share posts across a range of platforms without having to log into a range of accounts.

    - Engage the support of influencers to mention the tour and promote the tour amongst their followers and across their social media channels

    - I would suggest the best channels would be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and any other platform you know your audience are using, if there are really young, there might need to be a survey to find out what these are as some could be used more than others.

    - Get people to check in where possible - this is great on Instagram and Facebook and allows you to get a wider reach.

    - Engage Facebook and Instagram advertising - to reach your geographical audience and pinpoint the age group you are targeting.

    In this sort of industry, WOM and influencers are huge, so I wouldn't underestimate the power of this as there is huge amount of good work that can be done by people sharing posts of 'where they are' and 'who they are with'.

    Based on the price point you might need to create an offer on facebook - give a discount, a 2 for 1 offer or even a free drink, either way offers work really well for signing up people for these sort of events.

    Hope some of this helps with your planning.
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    Everyone needs to consider on their Social Media Marketing strategy the Engagement with the users as a goal, and the first step is to understand that there are people on the other side that are begging to be listened by the brands their are following, so before publishing you need to listen first.
    Tanooja Agarwal,
    Small Business Owner
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    Set up all your accounts on a program like Hootsuite, so you can quickly share posts across a range of platforms without having to log into a range of accounts.

    - Engage the support of influencers to mention the tour and promote the tour amongst their followers and across their social media channels

    - I would suggest the best channels would be Facebook, Instagram

    This is perfect ^

    Utilise hootsuite to manage all social from one platform. Engage local influencers to promote the tour and mention it on their profile. Possibly look at competitons through social that you can run for free tours, share regularly, connect with the actual nightclubs to share your posts and promote the brand. Definitely look at facebook ads in the local area also and target the right kind of audience.
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      Set Up Hootsuite or Buffer account then start posting or sharing on social channels.

      Understand how your competitors are promoting their business.
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    In my opinion to play with social media, it is important to focus on posting timing, and personalising each and every tweet, post and comment. If you are a busy person use tools like hootsuite, but interact with your fans and followers once in a week. Without conversation no Seo strategy can be successful. Never always be I am best, I am super, my achievement is this and that...bla bla bla..Be social and share others tweet, news, stories and also not to forget mention them in your comment, So they can get to know about you and your social pages. Moreover you can use video clips, images and quotes to make your Social Media Strategy more effective.

    Be observer and do experiment. This is the right way to learn more from now.
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    Thank you, your responses are valueable.

    These are luxury club tours in southeast asia so the demographics are foreigners who wants to experience vip party services, not your ordinary bar hopping tours.

    What do you think about creating a fb store to allow the audience to immediately make the tour purchases. Or should we go with link them directly to the website. This would require an additional click.

    Also, to get the audiences engaged, what are your suggestions. I am thinking of having a party image contest and the most shares or likes can win a free trip or tour.

    Thank you in advance.
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    I would seriously go down aussie coz route but I would highly recommend a freebie to get your engagement growing extremely quickly and the number of followers to increase massively.

    I for one have used website to promote free samples in the past and had great returns, also the paid facebook ads can work a charm if you do them correctly.

    Give me a shout if you need advice with the freebie setup.

    <a href="">Gratisfaction UK</a>

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      I would love to discuss more. How can I contact you?
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    Don't assume lots of sales will come quickly. It will take time to build an audience and trust. Put out some great content that people will engage with and they will start looking forward to the next post. Sounds like you could put out some pretty cool content with that niche.

    One way to start generating sales is to use and promote the CTA (call to action) button on Facebook. It makes it so much easier for people to get in touch fast or even call or order from you right through the button.

    Sounds like a fun niche to be in. Remember to have fun with it and you will start seeing results.
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    First understand your audience i.e. what they are looking for and how your competitors are promoting on social media. Next, select the region where your client wants to promote. Last, create account in Buffer or Hootsuite and start scheduling your posts on all social channels.
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    All of your suggestions are great, thank you for the feedback.
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    I can give you some tips ,
    Step 1: Ensure Social Goals Solve Challenges. ...
    Step 2: Extend Efforts Throughout Your Organization. ...
    Step 3: Focus on Networks That Add Value. ...
    Step 4: Create Engaging Content. ...
    Step 5: Identify Business Opportunities Through Social.
    Step 6: Engage Instead of Ignore.

    I hope this can help you
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    Set up the account with attractive contents which may leads the clients to visit your website.Every social activity should be public and response to the comments immediately.
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    I think a deal or an offer via Facebook would be a pretty good start.

    I would also consider finding out more about the geographic location of the area you're marketing to and also the age group to determine the best way to market to them.

    These sort of parties are shared via Facebook, so make sure you have heaps of testimonials, ratings and reviews and also a steady stream of great images on your instagram feed should people want to get an idea of what the tours are going to be like.

    if the social media channels are being managed at all this is a massive opportunity and providing the price point is right using the channels would be a massive boost.

    I would promote these tours in local pubs and also to university students in the local catchment area too plus general targeting of ads.
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