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Hey guys,
I just wondered if anyone is using a social media calendar to plan their posts and if so, how far ahead do you go with your strategy? I've got a bit of a system going but to be honest with you, because social media has traditionally always been 'on the go' for me, it's only as I've got busier in recent months that I've started to really plan my posts and think in advance about what I want my market to do.

There are a few reasons that I'm planning on moving entirely to a content calendar though and I wanted to share a few with you and get your opinion too:

Get organised:
Obviously there's stuff that will come up on a daily basis (such as a news event that you need to comment on) but apart from that I think using a content calendar to plan what you're going to talk about will save you so much time every day that you'd normally spend searching online to get some interesting and relevant content. I also find that a content calendar helps me spread out my lead up to significant events better so I'm not spamming the audience one or two days before with all the info that I think they need. Hitting an audience (my audience anyway) too hard means they're more likely to unfollow so it's good to get the info to them spaced out accordingly.

Because there are so many social media platforms, having a calendar for each means you can vary the content that's being released on a daily basis. Before I used a calendar I had a tendency to post the same message across all platforms at the same time which was a little bit pointless really as it diluted the message for people who were following me on more than one platform. Having a calendar for each means you can re-use the same content but in a much more effective way.

If you have a calendar you are better equipped to analyse the content with the data that the social media platforms gives you and can use it to really make your content valuable for your audience in future. You can see what made your reach so high and which posts just weren't quite cutting the mustard which is great info.

Recognise holidays.
There are some downright silly commemorative days in the calendar but for some they need acknowledging! National cupcake day, take your dog to work day plus those associated with wider issues such as the environment can all be taken care of by putting some work into planning your content.

Improve effectiveness.
I think it's safe to say that social media posts can be quite average if you don't put time and energy into them and this is often the case with posts created on the go. Not least because your heads not necessarily where it needs to be, Sitting down and spending time updating a calendar for the week, month and indeed year ahead will make sure that your posts are much more worthwhile to your audience.

There are heaps of applications out there that you can use like Trello and Evernote but I can be a bit old school and all of my info is in a (backed up!) excel spreadsheet! What do you use and how does it work for you? I am currently planning about a month in advance where possible but I can see how this would work well over the course of a year too.
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    Yes, I have a social media calendar and I specifically plan posts for a range of clients 30 days in advance.

    I use Hootsuite which works really well for me and I also use Report Garden to help out with things, as well as the reporting from Facebook.

    I have about 5 clients that I do the social media management for, so it needs to be really well organised in particular as otherwise it can get really overwhelming.

    I find that overtime a formula develops that allows me to reach the page's niche effectively.

    Some comments about your thread

    Get organised - yes, this is essential otherwise you'll not be properly engaging with your audience at the right time and in the right way.

    Co-ordination - having a program like Hootsuite will allow you to post the same message on multilple platforms, saving you time and getting the message out quickly.

    Analytics - finding out what these actually mean and determining what analytics you need to focus on is essential

    Recognising holidays - yes this is important, but to expand on this, you should also recognise important events in the niche's calendar - for example if you are a charity for abused kids, recognising the national day that is associated with this, or national carers day or those sorts of things. As well as this, any message about a holiday should be targeting the feelings, hopes, dreams and age group of the target market of the page. Using the pages 'language' is essential and this should be tailored.

    Improve effectiveness - my take on this is to ensure you are taking the time to ensure your posts are made for your target market - use images, add quotes, share relevant videos and only share posts that you know your audience wants to see, not something you would share on your personal feed.

    I don't personally use Trello or Evernote, I have a table in Excel of all my posts so I can see at a glance using tabs what I have done in the past, what has worked, and what hasn't.

    I also focus month on month on the engagement and shares of posts and the organic reach. I used to spend hours and hours on this and now I have this process down pat, I don't spend anywhere near as much time on social media management as my systems are in place - which I think is the most important factor in good management.
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  • Having a social media calendar has been extremely helpful for me because I have a lot of evergreen content that helps bring in a lot of traffic to my site. Having a social media calendar helps me organize the new posts I need to promote, my evergreen posts, and content from partners and friends that I want to share.

    I have used Hootsuite and MeetEdgar. If you have a lot of content that's already organized and you have up-to-the-minute updates, Hootsuite would be a good choice. If you have a library of evergreen content and you're doing social media on your own, MeetEdgar would be a better choice.
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    Hi there ,
    I am also using social media calendar . And these are the benefits that I get when I start using social media calendar .
    Managing Social Media Content
    Keeping Social Media Fluid
    Taking The Pressure Off Social
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    Yes. I do have a media plan. This helps me track everything I post or every campaign that we advertise, which ones work and which ones does not. The media plan also helps me track of upcoming seasonal ads that we need to focus on, such as Christmas, New Year, etc.
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    Having a Social Media calendar saves me a lot of time and frustration. I ave multiple accounts so being able to be organized is key.
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    The following benefits you can get from the social media calendar there are consistency,time savings,accountability,productivity,consistency.
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    Having a social media calendar will also help you maintain a more deeper, diverse, and engaging rythmn to your social media content. You are able to avoid becoming too boring with just a continuous stream of 1 or 2 type of image/text posts. Calendars will help you plan more in-depth posts, or those infographics and videos that require more investment in time, research, and planning.
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      Originally Posted by justincamp View Post

      Having a social media calendar will also help you maintain a more deeper, diverse, and engaging rythmn to your social media content. You are able to avoid becoming too boring with just a continuous stream of 1 or 2 type of image/text posts. Calendars will help you plan more in-depth posts, or those infographics and videos that require more investment in time, research, and planning.
      Hi Justin,
      Yes it's great to plan those more in-depth posts. For some companies, relevant events in their niche get missed because they sneak up on them so they might only get one post whereas they warrant a week long build up.
      I've definitely found that having a calendar keeps me organised and aware of those events.
      I agree also that often, video messaging can appear a bit rushed but planning those posts in advance allows for more polished content.
      Thanks for your input!
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    1.It saves time
    Creating a social calendar is the best way to efficiently manage your time and resources. It ensures that whoever is writing the posts has plenty of time to thoroughly research topics and create engaging content. Instead of creating content on a daily basis, you can knock it out in easily-manageable pieces.

    2. It’s easier to balance topics
    As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. And this is especially true for social media. No one follows a social media account to see the same types of content posted over and over again. Developing a social calendar is the easiest way to ensure you don’t overload your audience with any one kind of content. If you’re struggling to create new content, consider working in local and national current events; this is a great way to switch up your content while remaining timely and relevant to your audience.

    3. Easily create themed posts
    Utilize themed posts to add consistency and a bit of fun to your social media. Examples of themed posts include a weekly “around the office” picture, a throwback Thursday photo on Facebook or even a motivational quote every Monday (#MotivationMonday). Themed posts not only give your audience something to look forward to each week, they’re also easy to produce. Looking for some cool themed post ideas? Check out this massive list from Forbes.

    4. Never miss important dates
    It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day work and forget an important date or a holiday. Creating a social calendar and populating it with dates that are important to your company or your audience, will ensure you never miss an important date again. Here’s a great resource that lists all of the major American holidays.

    5. It prevents overloading one social network and neglecting others
    If your clients are active on a social media channel, you should be too. However, be careful to avoid overloading any one particular social media network. A Fast Company survey of social media users found that 22.1% listed posting too much as the most annoying thing an account can do. Creating a social calendar provides you with the framework for ensuring an equal distribution of content across your social media channels.
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    It's a great idea particularly if you have multiple people creating content and you are scheduling, otherwise you might have duplicate posts or posts that appear out of sequence or when they shouldn't

    I think it saves hours each month as I sit down, punch out the content and then i know the next 30 days is all sorted.

    Of course, you are always going to add in relevant stories as they happen however the content strategy side of things is done for you so you can monitor the analytics and also ensure the information & key messages that need to be shared are posted on the right days and during peak times.
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    Are you saying about the social media tools which can be used??
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