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It difficult to find anyone today, especially young people, who do not participate in any social networking site. Out of more than 6 billion people on the planet, it is considered that a third (2000000000) use them right now.

During 2016 social media websites were the main category for Internet users: people spend much more time on social networks than any other Internet service and everything is increasing, completely revolutionizing the world and the way we communicate.
Here is an overview of the most used networks this year:

Facebook (96% of users):
No doubt Facebook is the largest and most popular social network in the world and is the most visited in every country. We can talk about a community of 1,200 million users from all countries with around 750 million monthly visits.

YouTube (66% of users):
Something very surprising is the social network YouTube since its inception has been a phenomenon of videos and multimedia that has empowered millions of individuals, institutions and businesses everywhere.

Twitter (56% of users):
Twitter is the social network of all users' favorite media and communicators in general. It is extremely fast, agile and versatile which means you can get your own benefits in every sense of the word. Twitter receives an estimated 250 million visits per month.

The social network LinkedIn is a business network used for professional matters. Its great impact on the business world, professionalism and business have given a very interesting success and this has made it a resource for recruitment and experts in various professional fields.

The social network Pinterest has had a very impressive popularity in recent years and has emerged as something very interesting. People are engaged to this website because of its ability to express themselves and see amazing images that they can save and share.

Google+ is a social network with very interesting features that has elements that you will not find on other social networks within their competence. Currently, Google receives approximately 65 million visits per month and still growing.

This is a powerful and popular social networking portal images oriented with visual effects and receives about 25 million monthly visits. Many users around the world use it to get the most out of communication through their art and design. Instagram's popularity is in constant growth.

This is a very interesting social network and is widely used as a powerful and complete web content manager where you can share information and content of different types.

Snapchat is one of the Social Media platforms that allows you to see your friends' videos hours before they get removed, a feature that Instagram has adopted as well. The new network fashion content merely temporary and ephemeral. Approximately 20 million people visit this social network monthly.

This is an excellent social networking platform that displays in your own language and allows you to interact with people on various topics. With 12 million visits per month, it is one of the main gigants of social interaction.
These lists are continually updated and some networks up or down as momentary fads, like Snapchat is growing at an unstoppable pace.
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    You have share useful list of social media websites.
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  • Interesting thread, there are a lot of discussions going on regarding which are the biggest networks out there, and there are some pretty good reasons for that, knowing the potential audiences you can get in each network is esential for determining if a social media strategy for some channel will be worth the effort and money.

    Facebook is surely the big winner here, everyone uses it, in my country, Facebook penetration is almost at the 80% (Argentina has 40 million inhabitants, and 35 million of them are on facebook, its one of the highest percentages in the world), so, at least in my country, if you are not on Facebook, is like you wouldnt even exists.

    Twitter has a very smaller audience, but its power resides some place else, twitter is all about the agenda, if some topic gets to trending topic one day, that topic will get to the news, and it will be discussed by everyone, this is also why is so important to be on twitter, because it can let you control and keep an eye on what people is saying about you.

    Instagram also has a very large audience in my country, I dont have the exact numbers, but I think they might be close to the Facebook numbers, and with the Instagram stories break through, those number might start to go even higher.
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    Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc., have gained huge popularity in a short span. We can call it 'Instant Hit' for these sites have been a great hit from the moment they were introduced to public. They serve as a platform to share one's views and their experiences.

    Sites like Linkedin have the largest professional network which attracts number of professionals to get connected with others across the world.

    However apart from these there are also other social media sites like quora, reddit etc., to publish your ideas, discuss them with people of similar interests and also know a lot of information.

    This is a really great list to refer and thanks for posting it.
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    Friends your resource is very nice. It is very help full for everyone.
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    this is all so true. the world these days has really turned into a global village connected through these social networking websites that have taken over all other kinds of communication. the world now is more connected than ever. and now is the time when it takes just minutes for any event or news to become viral throughout the world. thanks to these platforms. and i do not know what your sources are but these statistics look so real to me as Facebook is beyond doubt the most used social media of all. I hope they all serve their best purpose in this world.
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    According to the number of users Facebook is the most populated and largest social media site. On the other hand, is we talk about the quick responses then Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are also the best choice that one can make.
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    Great post !! Amazing it is very usefull for all.. DUDE Thank you so much for sharing this information to all
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    Thanks for this list. Truly, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube rank higher and also work better as marketing platforms!
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    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Youtube
    4. Google Plus
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    Orkut is shut down !
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  • Really this a useful information.. Thanks for Sharing
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