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If I want to promote a landing page via Facebook Ads, what are some best practices for a newbie?
Daily/weekly/monthly Budget? Minimum number of people to target? etc.?

Looking forward to the knowledge. Thanks in advance.
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    First off make sure your landing page is compliant with Facebook's terms of service.

    Then I would start off with a daily budget of 5 dollars and then let it run for a couple days then start optimizing.

    As for audience size you can start of broad then scale down or you can start narrow then go broad.

    The most important thing is to track everything so you know what is working and what isn't.

    I hope this helps you out buddy!
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    Personally I've had the most success with generating clicks to a landing page when targeting to a broad audience, that is still somewhat tailored to my needs. For example, if you were try to get users to a page for a site that sold cosmetics, I'd target women in the age group most likely to buy. That gives you a nice wide audience. But sometimes if you dive a little deeper, for example targeting people who have visited your website in the last 90 days, you could be even more successful and might pay a lot less per click or 1000 impressions. I'd then use Facebook's lookalike tool to make that possible audience even broader. Now you're targeting people who are likely to be interested, but probably haven't seen your page yet. They're more likely to click than your average FB user, but cheaper than your current audience.

    Of course a lot of this depends on if you just want clicks to the landing site, or further engagement once there. If you're looking to make sales on the page, the more targeted the more likely to take a 2nd or 3rd step in my experience.

    Sorry if this was a bit rambling.
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    Foe Newbie, you must be very focused as people are not aware about your business, you need to provide more service to gain their trust. Try to be realistic when you approach people because showing off will never last for long. Start with less number of people but provide authentic info.Slowly it will automatically increase your following.
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