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Social media is on all the time and if you're not careful you can easily get sucked up into the cycle of constant posting and scrolling--or you can end up forgetting about it altogether when you get absorbed in an intense work project.

Scheduling your posts is a great way to avoid both of these problems and to ensure that your tweets are going out at the right times to receive the highest level of attention. Having social media posts consistently scheduled in advance will also keep your company's social media presence stable if you become ill or injured.

Many social media networks actually let you schedule your posts, especially if you have a business account(the scheduling feature on Facebook is particularly useful), but you're better off getting a social media management system you can hook all your accounts up to.

There are two primary social media management tools for scheduling your posts: Hootsuite and Buffer. Both tools can connect to several different social media networks including Facebook and Twitter. They also both have link shortening tools and analytics tracking tools for shortened links.

1) Hootsuite -- http://www.hootsuite.com

Hootsuite is the tool I've always used personally because it has a larger number of free features, most importantly that you're allowed to schedule a larger number of posts for free. You can also connect Hootsuite to several social media accounts for free. A generic monthly report on your social media campaigns is sent to all free accounts. You can schedule posts as far in advance as you want to with a minimum advance time of five minutes.

There are also multiple types of paid plans for businesses of different sizes, allowing teams to collaborate on social media and send each other internal messages about specific campaigns.

2) Buffer -- http://www.buffer.com

I've used Buffer once for a non-profit client and it is definitely a powerful platform. Its suggested scheduled times for posts are incredibly useful; when you sign up the site will automatically calculate the best times of day for you to be posting content. Buffer also has several excellent analytical tools. There are multiple paid plans for businesses of different sizes.

You can schedule posts as far in advance as you want to with Buffer but free accounts are only allowed to schedule 10 posts at a time. If you want to schedule posts further ahead you'll have to pay for one of the premium membership plans.

There are other social media management tools but I personally don't know anyone who uses them.

Do you use one of these tools or something different? How far in advance do you schedule posts?
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    Hi Skittelz.
    I used to use Hootsuite to schedule social media posts for my page and up to a month in advance but I found this removed the personal touch for me. Not only was I posting things far in advance which were no longer relevant, sometimes a message would appear which said 'posted by Hootsuite' which showed my followers that it wasn't me posting at all which I think defeats the object. Now I just use Facebooks own scheduling tool which I think works just as well. It means that I am constantly in my page so I can see what's coming up and when, and I can post content that happens on the day (ie relevant news articles etc) as and when they happen, it gives me much more control and I'm much happier with it.
    I also like the Insights that Facebook provide so I much prefer keeping it all in the one program rather than using an external scheduling tool. I don't' go a month in advance any more and I just upload relevant content to the scheduler as I come across it, so sometimes I could have three days worth of posts ready to go and other times I could be three weeks in front. I try and post at least once a day.

    For Instagram, I prepare my posts a week in advance and email them to myself and I post on the day. There are a few scheduling tools available for Instagram but Instagram have made it clear in their terms and conditions that it's a program for 'instant' uploading and if you use an external source to try and get round that you're at risk of having your account removed.

    Building up my Instagram has been slow going and hard work so I'm not prepared to risk that, I find that the extra one or two minutes this adds onto my day is worth it.

    Hope there's something of value in there for you.
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  • I'm using MeetEdgar now and it's been a lifesaver, especially if you have a big library of evergreen content that you want to promote all year round. I also like the way that you can create unique categories with it and the visual structure of the posting schedule. It makes it easier to actually 'see' a campaign as it happens.

    The only disadvantages to I noticed with MeetEdgar is it doesn't allow for tagging, which can affect engagement. It also doesn't provide analytics reports like Hootsuite, which is still okay since it forces me to really go to check my insights at the source.
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    These 2 tools are the most popular one. But there are another tool that having the similar features. This tool called Postcron, similar tools like Hootsuites, it serve as a social media scheduler.
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    I used both Buffer as well as hootsuite. I liked both of them.
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    Hootsuite is good enough and user friendly as I am using it for a long time
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    To handle this situation you can get a automation tool like hootsuite ...it might surely help you to manage your social media post.....
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    Using Hootsuite and Buffer has been really helpful for me and to my social media strategies. With it, I can easily manage my posts and also to schedule on when to post. Scheduling is really important since we need to target the time that our audience is active on social media.

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    These are some of the tools for social media scheduling the posts
    Tailwind., CoSchedule., Feedly., Airtable., Tweetdeck.
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    Postcron, Hootsuite, and Buffer are the three best tool for scheduling social media posts...These tools works better than all ...

    We launch your ideas to the world. https://iselectdigital.com

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    Understand which networks are right for your business
    Now you need to decide how you want to divide your time.
    This brings us to the type of content you'll want to share and when to share it.
    You don't have to create every piece of content yourself.
    Now it's time to pull your schedule together.
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