Your Facebook Coupon Offers campaign sucks - here a few ways to make sure it works

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If youve set up a Facebook Offers campaign chances are you know how effective they can be and the stats that show they can be 60% more effective than traditional ads.

Coupons traditionally are huge. Everyone loves an offer and thats never going to change and creating a digitally based offer is basically a licence to print money.

You can use coupon campaigns for:
  • Loyalty programs
  • Social fan base building
  • Seasonal offers - think Christmas etc
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Following and sharing FB campaigns
  • Launch campaigns
  • General coupons to generate new business

The list goes on.

But what if your offer doesnt get off the ground and basically sucks. What are you doing wrong?
  • Have you decided what your goal is for the ads?
  • Do you want immediate sales?
  • Are you looking for new leads?
  • Are you trying to generate awareness for your ads?
  • Are you trying to just generate new fan likes?

Figure out what this is.

Next, and most importantly in any offer - have a killer offer that people cant refuse to claim. Whether its two for ones, discount codes or something for free when you buy ## - you need to have a ripper offer that is worth downloading the code for.

Youll need to also ensure that you have a time frame for the offer that encourages people to act.

The next part is putting together a campaign of posts to support the coupon, dont just pop it up and hope the crowds will flock to your offer. Support followers and encourage them to check it out through a string of posts that you have specially developed.

If you can you might create a landing page if this is necessary or a specific page on your website.

If youre super savvy you can run some A/B tests and also some other evaluations to help you see whats working, and that way if needed you can make some tweaks from the campaign.

What else do you do to help your Facebook coupon hit the home run?
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