Can I change Facebook fan page name?

by BFX
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I need to change my estore name and my social media names. Especially Facebook fan page name. Is this possible?
In case not, can I export all my posts on a new page?
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    Thats a tricky one, the first answer is a definitive NO, Facebook doesnt like people changing their fanpages name, they say that if they allow that, marketers will use it to trick people.

    The longer answer is a "maybe"; in some circumstances, Facebook allow users to change the names of their fanpages, but for doing so, the change must fulfill the followings requirements:

    -It cant be a drastic change, if you just want to make a small change, like adding some word or stuff like that, you will be fine, but if you want to drastically change the name, Facebook wont accept it.

    -The change cant also change the fanpage niche, this is, if your fanpage is about bananas, and you want to make it about oranges, you cant do that, because you will be forcing your audience to like oranges, when they liked bananas.

    -You can only change the name once.
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    This are the steps on changing facebook page name

    Click About on the left side of your Page.
    Click Page Info.
    Hover over the Name section and click Edit.
    Enter a new Page name and click Continue.
    Review your request and click Request Change.
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    Thanks everybody for help.
    Do they approve these changes?
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    Btw, how many facebook fans you have?
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    you can easily change the name of your Facebook Page if you have less than 200 page likes . goto Edit Settings area and change it.
    f 200 or more people like your Page, you must be an admin to submit a request to change your Page's name. If your request is approved, you won't be able to change your Page's name again. You can only change your Page's name once. To submit a request:
    1) Click About below your Page's cover photo.
    2) Click Page Info in the left column.
    3) Hover over the Name section and click Edit.
    4) Click Request Change.
    5) Fill out the form and click Send.
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