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Hello friends.

I am starting a new blog about psychology and I plan to monetize it by selling books.

I still haven't written them, since I'm still testing the market.

For that purpose I plan to do some paid Facebook adverting targeting people by interest: psychology, personal development, personal growth etc.

However I'm kind of stuck on what images I can use for the creative of the ads.

I'm not much into design. I'll appreciate your creative ideas.

The blog is not in English that is why I'm not showing it, but it is similar to this one:
2KnowMySelf | The Ultimate Source for Understanding Yourself and others

Thank you.
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    If you want to develop a campaign on Facebook my suggestion would be to know your buyer persona. After that, try to always aim to present your study in different ways so that you could compare results of your ad campaigns.
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  • Nowadays, it seems that it is better to present your photos in an entertaining way. Memes, facts, and the likes are great ways to start, just search for stock photos that would drive your message.
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    Choose appropriate graphic images, try to include multiple designs of the same campaign to evoke the emotions of your different target audience. Overlay text to your images and drive the point, simple as that.
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    You can try fiverr for $5.
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      Originally Posted by RuthBabe View Post

      You can try fiverr for $5.
      It is a good idea, but not really applicable in my case, since I don't target the english speaking market.
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