Snapchat and the things you can do there

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With the average attention span dipping to just 8.25 seconds, as short as that of a goldfish, todays marketers are tasked with creating content thats engaging enough to appeal to distracted consumers.
With that in mind, Snapchat, is just the perfect platform for playing with ephimeral content.
This is largely due to the fact that Snapchat content is inherently time-bound: Snapchat Stories disappear after just 24 hours. This constraint helps command the immediate attention of an audience, while forcing brands to master the art of succinct, interesting content.
Content creators and community managers, rejoice: With only 10 seconds available per Snap, your Story wont require the production lift thats typical of blog posts, ebooks, or social media campaigns on other networks.
Take advantage of the extra time Snapchat allots you to strategize how to make your Stories as strong and engaging as possible. Here are a few suggestions to get you headed on the right path:
Experiment with the format.
Breton suggests taking advantage of the ease of Snap Story production by experimenting with how different types of Stories perform when you first start sharing. Test how your followers engage with:
  • Videos vs. photos
  • Selfies vs. shooting other subjects
  • Background sound vs. no sound
  • Change up the theme.
Be sure to show your followers different things each time you publish a Story to keep them wondering what's next. Ideas for creative Snap Stories from brands include:
Spotlighting events that you're hosting or attending to give your followers a look into the innovative ideas your brand is creating or promoting.
Teasing product launches to generate buzz and drive engagement using sneak peeks.
Providing a behind-the-scenes look into your organizations culture and products to give your followers insider status.
Getting out of the office and enlisting colleagues and partners traveling on behalf of your brand to share Stories from unique locations for an added cool factor.
Performing mini-interviews with colleagues or visitors to get a look at the faces and personalities behind the brand.
Creating how-to videos showing followers how to use products to drive engagement.
Have fun with stickers, filters, and doodles.
Dont forget the editing features when youre preparing to share your Story. Thrillists Dave Infante recommends using emojis as props to add an additional dynamic layer to your Story.
Dont say too long, but dont leave without saying goodbye either.
The time limit on each Snap in your Story is 10 seconds, but you can publish a series of Stories that work together to create an interesting narrative for your followers. That being said, dont tell a story that requires too many Snaps.
When a Story includes too many Snaps, it becomes hard to follow along with, so stick to the highlights. And dont forget to sign off: Infante suggests a final, closing Snap at the end of your Story to make your conclusion very clear to your followers.
Although Snapchat has been losing its momentum in the last months, I believe there is still a lot of things we can do there, specially for experimenting with content and ideas to see how the audience will react.
Every time I have a crazy idea, I tried it on Snapchat first to see how it works, and after that I start to use it on other networks.
What do you think of these Snapchat ideas?
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