Good Strategie for joining groups and posting?

by eliot
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I joined 22 groups a day and my account got flagged.
I want to promote a free ebook.
Is their any good rule of thumb. How many facebook groups you should join a day and maybe, some breaks between the joining?
And whats about copy pasting text in these groups, also a good rule?
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    Dont send too many requests in a day instead join 3-5 a day and take a day off then join 3-5 again.
    Copy pasting wont matter too much but you can use spinned text to stay away from radar
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      So if i have 100 fb groups, i can copy paste my text in 1 hour in all 100 and dont risk a ban? Or is their also some caution. maybe send only 10in one hour. regards
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    I am sure you have learned the lesson of not flooding FB groups with your requests. Here are some other lessons you can learn without being chastised:
    1. Always, always read the rules and regulation of every group you are joining. They vary from group to group. For example, one may have allowed blatant pitches while others may strictly prohibit it. Follow the rules.
    2. Introduce yourself first. That doesn't mean introducing yourself along with the "please click me" ebook link.
    3. Now, after a day or two, pitch the group members with whatever you got. (if rules allow you to do so).
    4. Participate actively.
    5. Never ever promote your own FB group inside another group. That's ridiculous.


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