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Im interested in using Youtube for getting traffic for my squeeze page.

I mean, in my opinion it can be done by puttin in the video name something
like this

Namevideo - wanna know more? (or another CTA) go to www.namesite.com

with obviously a direct link in the video using youtube features.

BUT how to rank it?

Do you have a method?

What do you think about this method or do you have a better one?
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    If I was searching for a Youtube video and saw a title with "wanna know more" at the end, I would not click that video ever. If you want to be authentic and get the most clicks, make the title very straightforward. Also that's not even a keyword. You can put "wanna know more" in the description, but not in the title. The title has to be all keywords, and for the description; preferably it has mostly keywords as well.
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    Some ideas for you -

    Use Google Keyword Planners to find long tail keyword phrases related to your product. You'll find it's easier to rank with these keyword phrases that have monthly searches of 100-2000 rather than trying to compete with a 2 word keyword with 10000+ searches.

    Once you decide on the keyword phrase, make that the title including the exact phrase in your video title that you want to rank with. Also when you create the video & save it to your computer, make that keyword phrase the file name instead of some goofy filename like vid3627845. I think that helps when you upload it to Youtube.

    Search for your keyword phrase into Google & see if there are any video results showing up on the 1st page. Your goal will be to outrank & replace that video. Sometimes there are even 2 videos showing up on the 1st page.

    Type in your keyword phrase in YouTube search & see what the top ranking videos are doing including what tags they are using (right click & view page source to see their tags). Use your own keyword tags & also copy their tags when you create your video.

    Repeat your keyword phrase in your description 1-2x but make sure your description makes sense & isn't a list of keywords just to stuff them in. Make the 1st line in your description your keyword followed by the URL you want people to visit. Include a link to your video channel in your description. After you upload the video, edit & add a link to the video you just uploaded in the description of your video (the https://youtube one & not the youtu.be one). If you have related videos you can create a playlist & add that link in the description as well.

    I've heard that 2-3 minute videos are the best length as possibly they rank higher as people tend to watch the full length rather than a 10-20 minute video. I haven't followed that advice completely myself but have been recently making 1-2 minute videos in an attempt to get people to non-digital product site of mine.

    I use pingfarm.com to submit the video https://youtube URL. I also have bought social signals in the past & am not sure if it helped or not but will continue to do so on some videos. Promote the video yourself on your social channels.

    Create different channels for each niche with keyword related titles for your channels. You can also create a broad single authority channel as some of those in the IM niche do.
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      Agreed the channel needs to be Strong enough to generate more traffic
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        Originally Posted by Samantha123 View Post

        Agreed the channel needs to be Strong enough to generate more traffic
        What do you mean Strong in this way?
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    You may want to use YouTube as one of your free traffic sources. Keep in mind that free traffic usually takes a while to build up. FaceBook could be another source of free traffic.

    Good luck.

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    Definitely YouTube is a good platform for video advertising and the brand awareness. YouTube remarketing is also a good option for branding.
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      I wonder why people don't discuss much about how to create quality vids, instead of myths--ranking vids.
      Do you need an exclusive video product?
      Graphics Design - Motion Graphics - 2D & 3D Animation - Video Editing - Color Grading - Logo Animation - etc
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    I would have to agree with the members below. Using 'Wanna know more?'as a title is a big no no in internet marketing. Also, do not be fooled into thinking that one video is going to be the answer to getting loads of traffic. You need to create a channel and built it.
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    Good choice, youtube is an amazing resource that can gain super publicity for your brand.

    The first box that I'd tick is to make sure the appearance of your youtube page matches the general branding aesthetic of your brand image. So make sure your logo is clear and visible and that the colors of the banners and other page features match the general color scheme of the brand. Your entire youtube page is an opportunity to reinforce the visual rand image of your company, understanding this and utilizing it to your gain will help your brand to gain traction in peoples minds which is a great starting point for brand momentum - think coca cola and its red theme.

    To be honest i'd avoid using a title with - wanna know more - it seems quite spammy and cheap. Not only would it deter people from clicking viewing the video, it would make your brand look cheap and unsophisticated. Your headline or video title needs to work hard to entice people to click. They need to feel that the video will provide them with quality content and information and that the source that is providing the content is an authority on the subject. A title with wanna know more in it will definitely turn people away.

    Another point to note, which might seem harsh but is definitely worth taking on board is that people in general definitely DONT wanna know more about your company. Youtube is a place where people go to be entertained, not to find out about random small to medium sized businesses. If you want to tell people about your company through youtube, you have to entice them to watch your video, and to do that you have to use the promise of entertaining them, providing them with some sort of attractive information or something else along those lines.

    Once you have given people a good reason to watch your video, you need to give them as many ways as possible to find you, so include your website, your address, your email, and phone number. They should be clear on the page and easy to find.

    You can use the description field to sell the video, and your company or products. But you can also use it for SEO purposes and use the text within to increase search engine rankings and direct people to your website/company. youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and treating it as such is a great way to get your business found. A unique description and having your primary keywords in the first sentence will help hugely, and include outbound links to your website, all active social media channels and blogs.
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    The keywords should be mentioned in your title, you can use Google keyword planner for that. This way you'll know when choosing keywords are searched the most and you'll get the most traffic on your channel. Name your file with the keyword as well that makes it easier to upload and search. The content in the video should also be related to the keyword as well
    The description should also have keywords in it but it shouldn't be Repetitive otherwise it beats the purpose
    The shorter the video the more people are going to watch it and make more videos by the same key word that way it'll reach out more
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    Youtube is pretty good, always.
    do not buy traffic to your videos because (1) it's useless to rank (2) your account can be closed
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