Best budget to start facebook ads!! Help

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I want to start my facebook ads, i have 100$ facebook coupon,
My plan is 3$ a day for 33 day full badget is 100$ , is it good or i have to increase it to 5$ a day
Thanks for helping me
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    if your new, $100 wont be enough to test and get used to the platform. I usually suggest people start with 250-500 if there new.
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    My custom audience is little small, i thing this budget is enough for.
    I read too many successful story with Facebook ads for 100$ budget
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    Start with as little as you have, even if you won't get many followers for 100 USD, is a start.

    And the single best thing is that you will learn a lot.
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    I think that is a great plan you have. This will give you 33 days to do some testing on which ads work and you won't even have to spend any money. If you are new it will take some time and patients. Do as much reading on Facebook marketing as you can. Starting with a small budget is best until you get the hang of it. If you start small you won't waste as much money on mistakes of being new to it.
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    I would take it very slow like $5 a day but at least you have a chance to try to get something to convert without having to spend your money since you have the coupon.
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    Here is my approach that has worked for almost all of my clients:

    Creating multiple $2 ads, each sharing different interests. Also, create multiple ads sharing same interests but with different ad copy.

    Run them for a day.

    Select the one that outperforms the others. Put all your money on this one (or two) ad.


    I am conducting 5 FREE copy consultations till New Year...Jump onto my bandwagon while you still can..

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    Where did you get the coupon? I have searched everywhere and I cand seem to find one :/
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