Keys of Trump success in Social Media

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Its been almost a week since the US general elections, Trumps victory surprised us all, it might be time to start processing what happened and look for some answers.

Since the Obama campaign in 2008, Social Media become one of the main points a good campaign need to focus in, some say it was even more important than TV and traditional media.

Ive been reading a lot about Trump campaign, this are (in my opinion) some of the key points that explain its huge success:

Social Media has definitely destroyed traditional media.

Yes, I know, that statement sounds too definitive, so let me clarify: im not saying traditional media has died (although I do believe it might be in the process of that), im just saying that its importance on political campaigns has evaporated in the last ten years. 30 years ago, if you werent on Radio, TV and the newspapers, your campaign was doomed to failure, and that has change, dramatically.

If you look at the numbers, Hillary Clinton spent a LOT of money on TV spots, I mean, really a lot of money, far more than Donald Trump, but Trump defeated her anyway, I believe that says a lot about the current power of traditional media.

The power of a clear message

Make America Great Again, Trumps main slogan sounded quite simple, so simple that a lot of us laugh about it, it was even funny, but it worked. Trumps campaign constructed a very powerful message around MAGA, a message that penetrated in the minds of american people in most of the states.

And democrats did a lot to boost this message, they talked and talked a lot of MAGA (dont let anyone tell you this country isnt great, Michelle Obama words at the DNC), they thought they were opposing the message, but instead, they were just helping to install it.


Trumps campaign did an amazing work with HTs, they have several, and all of them were designed to boost their messages: #MAGA, #CROOKEDHILLARY #RIGGED, are only some examples of how they used hashtags in their campaign.

On the other side, Hillary didnt use any good HT, can you remember one?

Understand the market

The Clinton campaign didnt understand the electoral market during this election, polls and surveys failed to do it as well, but Trumps team did, and the results are quite evident.

They realized that a whole lot of people didnt approved the Obama administration, and they understand the issues that could be used to get to that people: immigration, security, the economy, etc. Listening to the people and using the issues to boost your messages is essential if you want to win an election.

Big Data played an important part on this, while the democrats were using pools to measure the peoples opinion, republican took their insights directly from the internet using Data analysis.

These are just three points that I believe helped Trump to win the election, I could mention at least five other points but I dont want to make a large post, instead of that I want to generate a discussion: what other points do you think generated the result of this election? Do you agree that social media has been a determinating factor?
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    I definitely agree with the key points you listed. Trump was really able to capitalize on the instantaneous spread of information through social media - especially Twitter.

    The funny thing is not everything he said on Twitter was even true, but it still spread like wildfire.
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    Trump used social media better than any candidate ever! That goes to show the power of social media in today's world!

    Even though a lot of it was controversial it still got him attention and like Trump himself says "There's no such thing as bad publicity." He even wrote a book about it years ago and proved how right he was even back then.
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