Is Facebook the best place to build an audience?

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For remarketing purposes? It was recommended to me but my costs are a bit high. I'm not sure what other alternatives I have for getting targeted people to my site for pixeling and remarketing/retargeting.
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    To be short: yes. Facebook is biggest social network with huge audience, so it can be considered as best one.
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    Facebook is a great place to build an audience, but only you can decide what works "best" for your product.

    Consider all the other social media outlets and experiment to see if one works best for you. Some are specific to gender, age, and other demographics (for example, Pinterest is used mostly by women).
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    There are many tools for this, check out charles NGO and his blog, shares some golden tips there. Or the high end popular FB Pro's you can find in Google.


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    Yes , it is the best place to build an audience because there are a lot of business and people who are using FB than other social media networks !
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  • Yes, but it also depends on your audience and niche. Best to do your research first. Check out if the competition is on Facebook and if they're getting the audience that they want. Make it a point to also check other social media sites. It's often better to have more than one social media profile so you can reach the widest market possible.
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    Yes, we can direct connect and engage an audience in order for people to hear all of the great things about your business.
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    Facebook is the best place to build an audience if your product is marketed to consumers or SME.

    Of course there are exceptions as GE, who nails every social media platforms it gets to.

    Always keep track of your demographics. As somebody mentioned Pinterest, that is for women.

    If your target audience is on a given social media, then be active there.
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    Yes Facebook is best place just target proper users and not a large community else you will lots of bucks in this process. And with re targeting you will have to spend less and you can target same users again and again.
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  • Absolutely Face Book is the King among the social networking sites very popular. Being able to interact with a group of people is always a plus and not to mention its people all over the world. Millions of people do this everyday you have to do everything you can to generate additional traffic, use it the way everyone else does with a twist. Make sure your profile is complete and your keyword is included in your profile, for the search engines to find your content, getting indexed very easy and attainable. Make it look real and interact like everyone else don't hard sell. Use he social networks focusing on traffic generation.
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    Yes, Facebook is the best place to build an audience. It is largest social media platform, where we found a large number of people of different communities. Facebook is a great place to promote a business' products and services.
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    I personally find Twitter to be better at this. I have a Facebook page with about the same amount of followers than I do on Twitter. When I post the same related subject, I seem to get more leads from Twitter. But that's my opinion.
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    Yeah! you are walking on the right way. High ROI. I love Facebook. it's also pretty much cheap.
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    The one thing to consider is; Which social media platform will most likely last and grow? Facebook wins out hands down. They aren't going anywhere. Some social media platforms here today may not be around 5-7 years from now. Look at Vine, Meerkat, Myspace. I think the one that has the longest staying power is Facebook and probably always will be. So my answer is YES build an audience on there and feel confident.
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    Absolutely YES!
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    Facebook is best social media for getting traffic but now Instagram also going same way.
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  • Yes , Facebook is the best place to build an audience because it is the largest social media platform..
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