Youre doing everything they say but youre still losing Facebook followers.

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So you think you've got this social media all stitched up but then gradually you notice that you're Facebook followers are on a consistently downward spiral. Your content is of a good quality (even if you do say so yourself) and you're following all the rules, so WHY are you losing likes on your page?

While there's a lot of people telling you what you should do on your Facebook page, they're not telling you the things that you shouldn't be doing. Here are a few things that, even if you're doing everything right, will still cause people to click unlike and head over to your competitor.

1) Posting too frequently.
Sure, your content is good, its got everything you need to draw people in but you're posting way too many times a day! Once a day at the most (or twice if you have a large audience) is ample to get your point across. If you start inundating peoples news feeds they'll unfollow without seeing what you've got to say. Its invasive. Stick to a schedule and remember that less is more.

This isn't an urban legend; people really do take offence at writing in capitals, apart from that, its also difficult to read. Write in the correct case or risk appearing like you're shouting at your readers which will do nothing apart from encourage them to unfollow you.

3) Being negative.
Its encouraged that you should be real through your social media posts but if being real means a constant stream of bitching and whinging at everything the world has to offer then you're not going to win any fans whatsoever. People take to social media to see whats going on in the world but also as a means of escapism. NOBODY wants to see your daily gripes, it doesn't make people feel good and its unnecessary.

4) Tagging everyone on your friends list in your sales posts.
This is the worst and not only will it lose your business Facebook followers, it could also lost your Facebook friends too! Nobody needs to be including in a post with 100 or more other people, the notifications are annoying and its as good as spam. If you cant get exposure based on your own merit, then you don't deserve it. Make your posts good so that they appeal to your target market rather than relying on the friends list of people you know.

Often you're so busy doing everything that you should that the shouldn't stuff which has just as big an impact on your following, is missed.

What is likely to make you unfollow someone?
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    Sometimes people just unfollow for no reason. I don't get it sometimes, I run lots of accounts for my clients and it happens. It's not just Facebook it happens all the time on social media in general. Sometimes people just follow because they want a follow back.

    All 4 tips you give are very good reasons of what 'not' to do.
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    My biggest turnoff is people that are constantly pitching their business. I don't care about that.. i want to know "How will they help me"?

    If they are not providing value, then I unfollow them.

    That's why it's so important to know who your target audience is... so you are providing value to people who want what you have...

    It's like trying to sell steak to a vegetarian. Have a great day!
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    I don't really mind the other ones listed but I definitely hate #4. Those tagging are so annoying!
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