How LinkedIn will grow your business for you.

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Social media management is a really common service that people offer and it still astounds me in my line of work that I still have clients not using LinkedIn. Not for long once I've spoken to them to be honest, but in general, I don't feel that people are using LinkedIn to its fullest potential by any means!

LinkedIn is a hugely effective social platform on which to grow your business and it should be treated with just as much importance as all the other platforms.
IF, that is, it's used correctly and to its full potential.

While its definitely improving, LinkedIn still doesn't have the reputation of the other platforms and many people still just think its somewhere to go when you're looking for a job. As an entrepreneur/business owner, this couldn't be further from the truth.
Its a professional networking site where valuable contacts are all hanging out with available opportunities to take your business to the next level, and all you must do is find them.

I advise repeatedly that anyone involved in business in any capacity should be using LinkedIn to its fullest capacity and I urge you to do the same.

As mentioned above its important that its used correctly and if not it could cost you your reputation, so follow these tips and let the rewards flow.

Make friends with strangers.
While this is a no-no through some social media channels, LinkedIn can be used more like an online networking event. Connecting with appropriate business people in your niche to improve your chances of collaboration and connection.

Connect with people you can help.
LinkedIn is a great place to have a two-sided conversation and you should reach out to people who you think need your services. Not in a pushy, salesy way but start gently and work your way up to what could become a really valuable collaboration.

Don't give too much away.
Keep your profile to the point and relevant. Its a professional site and people are looking to see how you can help them in a professional capacity hobbies, holidays and family photos are basically redundant.

Its not Facebook.
LinkedIn isn't the place to post memes and fun quotes. It might be acceptable once in a while but don't let it become consistent through your profile. People want to know how well you can do your job, not how well you can tell a joke.

Export your contacts.
If you're looking to build your list, and who isn't, LinkedIn is a pot of gold for email contacts. Once a month, import your contacts into your email platform, update your disclaimer to make sure your privacy is covered and away you go!

Do you use LinkedIn and if so, do you have any tips you can offer??
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