Worried about audience engagement? Adapt to these social media tactics!!

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Sometimes after spending countless hours putting together a content you find out that there was no activity. Why is it that you end up getting no leads or sales even though your content was top notch? Considering all the facts , it pretty normal that your audience engagement is pretty slow in the beginning. But if the problem persists for a longer period of time then it means you are doing something wrong. In this thread, Ill list some social media tactics that have been successfully utilized in a business.

1. Consistency is a key fellows:

Its a pretty straightforward job to create a social media account and get involved every now and then in the activities happening. But the thing here is that if you cant sustain your presence on these sites with regular content posting then there is a higher possibility that you will fall behind in a competition. There are number of ways through which you can engage with your audience without indulging yourself in constructing a time consuming image based ads. You can ask controversial questions about the impact of your product on your audience. This can start up a decent conversation leading to increase in followers.

2. Make empathy and generosity part of your everyday dealing:

The most essential part of your contents theme is to make your potential buyer think that you are their well-wisher. Too much greed can ruin your relationship . Therefore every now and then compile something on the side e.g an e-book or webinar and give it out for free. It projects the message that you are generous and care about your customers. I know its very courageous to give out something with the intent of no expectation but showing this gesture can help a lot in a long run especially if you end up clearing any obstacles or roadblocks for your customers. Try it out. It doesnt hurt to be a Santa once in a while.

3. Involve your colleagues or family members to amplify your social media reach:

Your friends and family play a pivotal role to expand your social media brand. Especially if you rely entirely on social media sites to promote your brand then a simple share or word of mouth from your friends and family can be more trustworthy than coming from you directly. Other than that you can also involve your employees or working colleagues in this campaign as well. It can make a huge difference if your employees share everyday happenings of your company with their social circle.

4.Tag guest bloggers who have mentioned you in their social media posts:

Word coming from credible social media people and especially who have huge following can make a real difference in your social media marketing campaign. You can either put up a screenshot of that particular mention or photoshop it to make that reference look more fancy. Either way it can enhance your brand image.

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    Good tips!.

    Im going to disagree with the "family and friends" thing however, a lot of people keep saying that using your own audience (because in Social Media, thats what your family and friends are), to grow your brand, but that is not a good idea, in fact, it can even be a mistake.

    The most probable thing is that your own audience will not be part of your targeted audience, lets see an example, if you are building a brand that sells clocks, but no one in your family or your friends wants to buy clocks, or are even interested in clocks, then whats the point on using them?

    I know, sharing your fanpage or your twitter account with them is an easy way to generate some growth, but whats the point of having 100 or more likes if none of them is actually interested in what you are doing?
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