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I had a big problem with one of the accounts I ran (actually, not that big really, but very annoying), I started using a more friendly voice in the account, for increasing the appeal to the audience, and as part of that approach, I also started using emojis in the posts, just a few of them as decoration.

I did this after reading an article, that claimed posts with emojis tend to have 30% more engagement and 50% more likes than posts with plain text, I wanted to test that and the results were quite close to that percentages, the reach and the engagement increased significantly, my theory is that posts with emojis are helpful to gain peoples attention when they are scrolling in their timelines.

But a few days after I started doing this, the client called me and asked me to stop, he was quite angry and annoyed by it, he didnt even listened to me when I tried to explain all of this to him.

The problem? He says emojis are for teenagers, and that when you use them, his brands looks like a teenager, (he actually has this whole theory that his audience must see his brand as a big brother, and that using emojis or even a friendly language doesnt help in that proccess).

The problem got even bigger when I stopped using the emojis and the friendly language, because the metrics went down (not too down, but there is a noticeable difference), and he is blaming me for that, he says the emojis have affected his brand credibility and thats why the metrics have gone down.

Of course that is simple not true, the explanation is that the metrics went down because the emojis and the friendly language were better, but how do I explain this to him? And not just explain him, I need to convince him that he is wrong, which is not an easy job.

His brand is some kind of NGO, they make fundraising for social causes and stuff like that, I cant share much details because there is an NDA in the middle.

I will really appreciate any help, if you have any argument that I could use, or any study or research that I could show him, that will be great.
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    Present the facts - send him the research you have done to show why you started doing the emoji's.

    I am 36 and I love emojis, although they need to be done well and relevant - and I don't like seeing too many (that is a little too teenager-y).

    I would say your client needs to be provided with rock hard proof that emojis make a difference, if he has the facts then he can decide afterall it is his account and he is paying the bills so at the end of the day it is his call.

    I used to do some work in fundraising and emojis are fine for a wide audience, I think your client might be a little precious and a little ill-informed.
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    Just because he is a manager or owner of the business does not make him a marketing expert. You should let him know that you are the one who does this for a living and that you know what you are doing.

    It's good to listen to the client and do things that they prefer, but never let them dictate how you do your job.

    Do as he asked and if metrics are down let him know why and tell him that you could do some more social media ads if he would like to bring them up.

    Let him know that the emoji's could help, but you have alternatives to get the metrics back up without emoji's. (find alternatives before talking to him).

    One last tip: If a client is hard to deal with don't be afraid to walk away.
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