Tesla, an interesting example of branding

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Social Media generate much more value for brands than paid media. This is the strategy of Tesla, a brand with a astonishing storytelling with huge impact on the audience..

Have a look at this Tesla spot, look at the story telling and how they communicate the brands values.

Fun fact? this spot was not produced by the company it self, it was made by a couple of brands enthusiasts that wanted to help with their branding process, this shows how efficient the branding process of Tesla had been, how many others brands do you know with this kind of story?

Lets assume that one of the objectives of content marketing is to show the brands values and mission, to encourage others to discover it and decide to make it theirs (by purchasing its products). If the process, goes well, the brands values will be transfered from the brand to the consumers and these will become the ambassadors of the brand.

The brands must tell a story and Tesla takes some time writing his own. Starting with his CEO, comparisons between Elon Musk with Steve Jobs. Both talk about visionary leaders who have set up companies with truly ambitious projects. Steve Jobs was a master of narration and had a special sensitivity for the drama. Elon Musk sometimes stumbles upon his words, but he has the full confidence of a person who really knows that he is a few years ahead of his competitors.

Presentations of models, announcements of novelties, disruptive technology, etc, are the axes on which day-to-day storytelling of the brand is built and that generates hundreds of media and thousands of people sharing the first fruits of the brand and Stay tuned for new company announcements.

What if storytelling is accompanied by real stories from your customers? Tesla bets on its web for quality branded content that you can find in the section called Customer Stories. Unlike other brands that have tried to tell their stories based on customers, creating an amazing example of user generated content.

For every Tesla car sold in 2015, 14.2 photos are uploaded (and tagged) on Instagram, while, brands like Ford, for each car sold are uploaded in 1.6 photos and Hyundai Situated far below one.

In its own social channels, Tesla maintains an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Its main objective is brand awareness. There is no palpable evidence of content promotions or paid media campaigns, which indicates that it is clearly committed to the dissemination of organic content.

There are a lot of other examples of how brands are managing their marketing campaign on Social Media, and how they are managing their storytelling, but Tesla was an amazing example I just wanted to shared with you, what do you think of it? Do you know any other interesting example like this?
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    That was an awesome video! Bought myself a model x
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    Tesla is unfortunately not a profitable company. No electric car company currently is. Also, without government subsidies Tesla would be be long gone (also his other company SpaceX). No amount of branding will overcome bad basic economics.
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    How about the fact that batteries are 5x more expensive to recycle than to create in the first place?
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