Snapchat vs Instagram Stories, what to choose?

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One of the most successful social networks among young and not so young is, without a doubt, Snapchat. In its beginnings, this app was limited to the sending of images and videos with a duration of 24 hours, after which they disappeared definitively. Snapchat has become the favorite social network of celebrities, athletes and all kinds of sponsors and events thanks to geofilters, the wide range of creative possibilities offered through friendly animations and the attraction of its ephemerality.

But its reign is now being seriously treated, Facebook noticed the great potential of Snapchat, and created Instagram Stories, a new features for Instagram that basically copies everything from Snapchat (one of the Facebook tops executives actually said in an interview that they copied Snapchat with no shame).

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Despite the tremendous success since its inception, Snapchat has been able to surpass thanks to the launch of Snapchat Memories. This new feature allows users to create private albums with their snaps, even without an internet connection, and publish them later.

The investment in user experience is directly proportional to the engagement of the clients and, therefore, to the market share, is undoubted. Companies like Snapchat have it integrated in their DNA and dedicate their efforts to the constant improvement of the usability of their applications, which have more penetration.

As expected, when a startup has a successful idea, competitors stalk. So much so, that Facebook has incorporated the text format of Snapchat to the filters of their images. The most striking case is that of Instagram Stories. The resemblance is such that its CEO, Kevin Systrom, has recognized the merit of Snapchat for being pioneers in making facial recognition and ephemeral content a trend. Anyway, Systrom insists: Its not about who invents it, but how to take it to your network of users and give it your own shape.

Instagram has been positioned so far as the social network where users normally upload their photos carefully with detail and maximum quality while Snapchat is something more creative and spontaneous. However, with the arrival of Stories, the scenario has changed and Instagram incorporates to its business model that spontaneity that was lacking. Despite this, according to the latest data collected, half of Instagram users claim to use Snapchat simultaneously.

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    On my personal IG account, I have a decent sized following. I've completely switched from posting snapchat stories to now only posting IG stories because I get so much more engagement.

    Though, for business purposes, I don't think you should completely cut out snapchat as it only takes an extra second to post the snap to IG story as well. That is unless you have exactly the same following on snap and IG?
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      Snapchat stories is way better than Instagram stories. Not to mention that Snapchat provides way more reach as well. I would use both platform stories together to make it a powerful combination!
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    Great post, complete step by step guide for creating snapchat filters, you can also check out for more Geofilters.
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    I'll go with Instagram because Snapchat filters are loads too slow, as in.

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