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When it comes to giving an impact to our blog, website or online company, Twitter is key as it can help us expand the number of visitors to our website, to retain our customers or simply position ourselves as a reference person.

Quality Matters

It is important to be present on Twitter on a regular basis, but the most important thing is the quality of the messages you send and the interest they can generate.

Show your face
Photography is the first thing you see when a person visits your profile. Always put an image that is representative of you or what you want to communicate. You can put caricatures of yourself, the logo of your store or simply a photo of you. Remember that a pair of eyes always capture more attention than a logo, so I recommend you always put a photo, even if it gives you a little cut.
Always use hashtags
Hastags (#) are your allies when it comes to giving visibility to your tweets. Using the hastags correctly in the keywords that you want to emphasize you will be able to be found by people who do searches on certain subject in Twitter. Making good use of hashtags will get you to people who are not yet your followers, but who are interested in topics you talk about. Do not abuse hashtags, use them correctly (more than 2 is counterproductive) and only in the keywords of your tweet.
Think when you follow others
If you are new to Twitter you will see a very interesting behavior and is that when you follow someone, this person tends to follow you. Beware of this behavior because some people use it to spam other users. Remember that, as with friendship, on Twitter what is important is not the number of followers you have but the quality of these. Better to have 100 followers who are interested in what you say and who are your target audience, 1000 followers who do not understand anything you say.
Be creative
Imagination to power. Use Twitter not only to share ideas and interesting articles but also to promote contests and offers. Make a contest and you'll see how many followers you get! This strategy is perfect for ecommerce and general web pages.

What other tips would you recommend for keeping a good and attractive Twitter account?
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    Always engage with your followers. I think that's what makes your twitter shines the most. You'll pretty much lose some of your followers if don't interact or at least response to those who mentions you.
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    All great points David! Great content and interacting on Twitter are key to getting good engagement and traffic to your website.
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    Hashtags are very important, but using relevant hashtags is crucial.

    Keep an eye on the "trending" hashtags - you can use these to your advantage in your tweet and use them to promote an article, blog, or product.

    But make sure the hashtags are relevant - otherwise you could just be spamming.
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