Retweeting mentions in TW, do or do not?

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I do not tell you anything new if I tell you that the world of social networks is full of egos: big and small. It is part of the human being and there is nothing too good or bad inside it. It is how we are and we work.

Retweeting the mentions where we appear is one of the ways in which this ego can be manifested. This can takes different forms:
  • When someone mentions a content that you have shared but you have not written yourself but a third party.
  • When someone shares a post from your blog and in step adds your Twitter account to give you the authorship of the post.
  • When they simply mention you to say how much you molase, your blog, your book or anything else you have made.
  • When someone puts you to give birth.
Let's look at the different cases to see what they mean (for me).

First case: retuit of a mention of third party post
Honestly I do not see much sense. Do you repeat something for the simple fact that they mentioned you? What kind of messages do you want the rest of the world to send? Im famous because they mention me on Twitter? Sorry, this is not clear. Maybe somebody can explain it to me.

Second case: retuit of a mention with an own post
This may already have a tad more sense. Lets see what you can accomplish with this.

To begin you give more diffusion to the tweet and with a little luck you could direct 2-3 more visits to your blog. Thats in case you have tens of thousands of followers because the CTR on Twitter is going down more and more.

You do not really look for traffic but rather want to show the rest of the world that someone has liked your post and that's why you're probably a good blogger. Lets go back to the subject of ego let's say.

Third case: ego retuit
Let's get down to business and call it what it is. An ego-retuit. We want to teach the rest of the world how much we molar. Curiously, we want to show those people that we have already convinced that we are worth (not that they are followers of India that we have bought).

Before pointing a finger at third parties I must admit that thanks to the new mention functionality of quote tuit I also fall into the temptation to make this kind of ego retuits thanking you, although I keep on thinking that it is not really because Of course, its more a matter of being nice to people who flatter you so they do not think you're an arrogant .

Fourth case: retuit of when they give birth
You can watch it often in celebrity accounts. Its a way of saying I pass it by ..., well you know. These types of retuits are more of a provocation than anything else. You give more importance to a thing that should not equal it.

Well, in short. We are all weak. In the end, the subject of auto-retuit in most cases brings much less than we think. I think it can even hurt us.
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