Spam in social networks and how to deal with it

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Have you noticed that spam has been increasing in social networks lately? Facebook is overflooded with requests from people for give a like your page asking you to do the same. I consider it spam because it hurts me and it is totally intrusive. Another fashion that has emerged thanks to programs that generate automated tuits offering courses to users who talk about the same theme. These are both real profiles and bots created out of nowhere to spam massively.

Spam in Social Networks

The last thing Ive seen at the spam comments level is to make and strengthen linkbuilding. It is a disguised technique to increase the authority of incoming links to your project. Do not promote your website directly, but a site that points to it. Comments can be used for this even if they are no-follow links. If youre not very involved in SEO issues just like I just did. Nothing happens, I even prefer that you do not know what I'm talking about.

Why spam on social networks hurts us all
Spam converts and thats the problem. Although the conversion ratio is very low, results are achieved thanks to these techniques. For this it is necessary to apply them in a massive way and from here arise the problems.

Waste of time: it is one of the most valuable things that people have. Everyones time is something sacred and there should be fines for making you lose this intangible asset to someone. Im serious. Even if you do not have a high level of occupancy at this time, no one should rob you for a single second of intrusive and unwanted offers.
Loss of confidence: its difficult for me to differentiate between spam and real interaction, and Ive been online for over 20 years. Imagine the level of confusion that can arise if youre a little more novice with these topics. Knowing that these techniques exist I would lose confidence and I would be looking behind every real person in social networks for a bot that is teasing me.
Negative Impact on Online Reputation: Someone who spamme affects me negatively at the online reputation level. People like to generalize. Yesterday they left me a comment like another guru that comes out of nowhere. That people who are teasing innocent users harm me because I move in the same sector. They quickly labeled you.
How to combat spam on social networks
The best advice I can give you is to apply zen strategy. Breathe deeply and do not do what is going through your head at that time. A spontaneous reaction is often the worst option you have because it leads to more time wasted and the level of anxiety continues to increase.

Both Twitter and Facebook are very interested in combating these spam accounts. The simplest thing is to report it as such.

If you have multiple social networking profiles, you would repeat the process to increase effectiveness. I would even ask friends you have at your fingertips to do the same. When more complaints like spam receive an account, faster and more priority receives so that Twitter or Facebook disable it.

We will never be able to stop all the junk that comes up in social networks. Doing nothing is not an option either. What I do not recommend is that you start to fight with the user that is the cause of spam to be aware of their actions. If it is a bot imagine the case that will do. If you are a real person you have to reduce your time lost. Ignorance may be the greatest punishment in this case.
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    100% agree. I hate people spamming! I've had some of my friends done that to my posts on facebook and I just immediately unfriended them.
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    I agree, I delete spam comments as soon as I see them. I see a lot of this on Instagram.
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    The best way to deal with it is to punt the ones who violate the rules of your page
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    I also hate when people start spamming. Delete them.
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    I have experienced and all of my accounts were blocked

    So I won't spam social media anymore, just post useful information...

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