Clients wants corp name at Facebook to include his name. Pros? Cons?

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Social media question: A client would like to change the name of his corporation's Facebook page from "Example Insurance" to "Joe Schmoe at Example Insurance." What might be the pros and cons of such a move?
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  • Facebook pages have distinct categories. Changing the name would mean also changing the category. If you change the page category from business to person, your clients and employees would not be able to check in or leave reviews. This may also cause some confusion for people already following your page. I assume customers of that business would have different needs and queries compared to the people who are fans and followers of Joe Schmoe.

    I have a suggestion. How about instead of changing the name of the company Facebook page, why not create another Facebook page for Joe Schmoe as a public figure. That way, you more pages, it can link to each other, and you can customize the content of each page for the audience you want to reach.
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