New to blogging and overwhelmed

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I started a blog 1 week ago and I'm so overwhelmed. I've read many articles on blogs but I'm left with more questions than answers. I need to start from the top....step 1

Initially I wanted to blog for fun but, in all honesty, it would be wonderful if I could supplement my income with blogging. I set up a wordpress domain hosted by bluehost, etc but I'm not sure where to go from here. To make matters worse I am very naive regarding anything techy. I have no idea how affiliates work, what a board booster is, etc. I'm just lost.

1. I read I need a niche in order to really attract readers. My niche was practical tips from a real mom. Real healthy but quick meals for families, how to save money shopping, how to repurpose furniture and DIY your own house renovations/repairs, how to grow your own vegetables, ideas for the busy mom that wants to be more organized, etc. But it this too broad? Too many topics under one umbrella?
If you think I should narrow it down some more I suppose the house renovations and repurposing furniture is more my passion. I'm no expert just an enthusiast. Could I still write enough articles about it?

2. I came up with the name AnotherSunrise before I actually decided I wanted to make money. I suppose you can look at anothersunrise as a metaphor for repurposing something...a new dawn to serve a new purpose. Is this too vague? Is it even possible to change the name this late in the game?

3. Do you have a go-to where I can learn how to do this step by step. I have no idea how to even get to the point of getting readers or setting up a newsletter or making any money.

Thanks for your help
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