Growing an organic audience through Facebook

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When you first start using Facebook for business, you must be prepared to be patient. Growing an organic audience is time consuming and needs commitment and once the initial influx of interest once the page has been created slows down, youll need to adopt some ongoing strategies to make sure you sustain this growth in followers as you establish your business.

Many people give in to temptation and start to buy their followers at this point but the knock-on effect of this on your Facebook page and therefore your business, can be devastating. Here are a few things to do on a regular basis which will help you grow your following GENUINELY.

Choose a good cover photo.
As your page is shown in people's newsfeed it needs to be attractive, engaging, good quality, branded with your logo and eye-catching. The same goes for your profile photo although I always recommend that people just use their logo.

Post regular content.
There's nothing worse than someone who posts constantly for a couple of days and then nothing for weeks. Stick to a content schedule of one or two posts a day (depending on the size of your audience) and make sure you're consistent.

Post variety.
Mix up photos including quotes and memes that are relevant to your audience, blogs, vlogs, video content and articles relevant to your niche. Always keep your audience engaged and interested which will encourage them to share your posts this will increase your reach which will undoubtedly lead to more people following you.

Engage with key influencers.
Follow the pages of similar people in your niche, join their groups and comment and share on their posts. I think you can go a bit too far with this and end up looking a bot obsessive if you start writing on every post but its good to get your business name out there because if your content is good enough, they will then return the favour. They might even tech you a few things in the process.

Always respond to comments.
When someone comments on your posts, ALWAYS respond. People like to know that theres someone sitting behind the screen and its that interaction which will see you page spread throughout their friends list and so on and so forth.

It does take time to build a genuine following but the results far outweigh any time spent once you do get there.
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    Exactly. Main key here is SOCIALIZE with your followers as that's what social media is about.
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    I think those are all good tips but the most important way to grow your audience on Facebook is to be active.
    That means having the app on your phone, keeping an eye on who's messaging you, making sure you respond, following people in your niche and reacting to their posts too. It's good advice to make sure you post consistently but you need to do so much more than that. You've got to put yourself out there in a natural and unstructured way which shows people that you're real, you're available and you're involved. Posting once or twice a day is great advice but you've got to back that up with regular interaction too, otherwise you risk offending people.
    Facebook brings the whole world to our fingertips now and it's important that we're both Proactive and Reactive if we want our following to grow and for people to know we're in it for the long haul.
    Good advice in this post, thanks.
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    All good points! Growing organically on Facebook is hard these days. I'd rather spend some money to save time. I think it's easier to use that time on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for organic growth.
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