Is anyone crushing it with youtube?

by Zodiax
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Is anyone crushing it with youtube?

I see a lot of people claiming to make $500+ per month ranking youtube videos well.

Anyone have experienced this? Do you just focus on keywords or do you also buy backlinks from fiverr.

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    I'd never buy any backlinks off Fiverr. They never work and often times they end up hurting your SER. There are several things to take into account when ranking videos on YouTube. Your channel post rate, subscribers, and channel engagement all are factors considered when YouTube ranks your videos. If you are a newer channel just starting out then you will be better served targeting low competition keywords that are still relevant to your video. Another thing that helps is having a longer title on your videos. In my experience "The Best Video For Repairing Your Credit And Getting Out Of Debt" ranks better than "Best Credit Repair Tips" even when targeting the same keywords. Don't ask me why but it does lol
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    Never Buy Backlinks from Fiverr. Keep in Mind that you will get peanuts when you pay peanuts.
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    I run a YouTube Channel that makes well over $500+ a month and over 5,000+ new subscribers a month. I've never bought back links / seems like they hurt you in the long run based on chatting with YouTube headquarters and how their algorithm ranks. Growing your channel (and income off AdSense) comes down to:

    • how LONG your videos are viewed for is the NUMBER ONE factor YT ranks for.
    • YT wants people to stay on their site.
    • Link other videos of yours
    • Use lists to keep people engaged
    • Be strategic with your editing (cut ALL dead weight from videos)
    • Create playlists. YT said 15%+ more watch time if viewers are watching from a playlist.

    • Create content that has HIGH search volume.
    • Use Google Keyword Planner
    • Model 3-5 channels in your niche. Look @ their most viewed videos and make ones using similar keywords / content
    • Remember that 20% of your videos will get 80% of your views.

    3. Use TubeBuddy
    • Free plugin for YT
    • LOTS of killer SEO / research features
    • See how popular other's videos are.
    • VideoIQ is another plugin that's great.

    4. Consistency
    • Yes, it's boring and not a "hack" but this is the most IMPORTANT part.
    • You will want to quit many times. The only way you'll fail is if you quit.
    • Stick at it and you'll succeed.
    • Commit to posting 2-3 videos a week for an entire year.
    • Invest in a second opinion from someone who understands marketing SEO / YouTube / Internet Marketing

    Video I did on topic:

    Hope those help dude. I offer coaching (just finishing my WSO post) if you're serious about taking your channel to the next level. DM me or email for more info / apply.

    Stay at it. Don't be discouraged and just focus on making every video better than the last! You got this.

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    One of the biggest keys to ranking a YouTube video well is locating the keyword(s) you wish to rank the video for and making sure that they are in your "title" and within the first sentence or two in your description of the video. On-page optimization is just as key when loading and adding content to describe to viewers what the video is displaying. This helps Google rank it better on YouTube and Google Search.

    Backlinks are always a good idea but like everyone above says Fiverr is not the place to find them or buy them. Usually when you buy them from a large company they are outsourcing their links to foreign countries and spammy links anyways. Your results may be instant but your long term gains and returns will be shattered because Google will notice what you are doing and stop you manually or the algorithm with its updates will move you way down the ranking list.

    A Private Blog Network (PBN) is always a good way to rank videos. I have a large PBN that I manage and use for my clients. Normally, linking to a client website (money site) you have to change up your pattern of link dropping in order to make it look a bit more organic but I have tested this for videos and I usually can pummel links pointing towards a YouTube video and it ranks well. Your PBN just has to have quality content and the blogs pointing to your money sites and money videos must be well done in order to accomplish a high ranking money site or video.

    Clark Kegley - I really liked the information you shared above. It is very insightful, thank you. It is always great to see what works for others as well and compare it to my testing successes and failures.
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    I've been learning from the Top YouTuber, online. Justin sardin. His training course, is clear and to point, were and how and why. To dominate YouTube.
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