What can we learn from the most viral ads of 2016

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The end of the year is coming, and its time to look back and to think about everything that happened this year, specially in the marketing field, where a lot of changes have happened. Think about it, a year ago Instagram didnt have stories and Snapchat was on its way of taking it down, Twitter was quite stable, and Vine existed!.

I believe one of the things we should be doing right now is thinking about the most successful pieces of content that where launched in social media, to learn from them. Unruly did precisely that, they came up with a list of the 20 most viral ads of the year, this are same of those ads with a small comment on what can we learn from them:

Nationality doesnt matter when we talk about virality

Most of the content that achieve virality these year came from countries like the United States, but their virality got to worldwide audiences, and there are some examples that even came from other countries, like this Thailand video, that has more than 2 million views:

The power of big events

2016 left us a lot of examples on how big events can be used for achieving virality, the US elections are a great example of that, and the Olympics games in Brazil are another. Just look at this amazing spot of the paralympics, that have more than 7 million views.

Christmas is coming, and there are also a lot of Christmas content achieving virality right now, according to Unruly, the most viral Christmas ad so far is this ad from John Lewis:

Storytelling is still the key

According to unruly, the most successful content this year were those pieces of content that included a good story telling, which proofs stories are still the key to get to the audiences, if anyone tries to tell you storytelling is dead, he is talking nonsense.

Which peaces of content would you add to this list?
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