How would you monetize a facebook fan page?

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Hello Members,

I have several facebook fan pages on a variety of subjects......most in the movie or tv industry. Show clips, etc from you tube. Lots of likes and visitors...

What would you do to monetize it?

Jeff Casmer
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    A lot of my customers monetize their content the following way.
    I run a smm dashboard for customers to utilize tools for boosting engagement and improving social media profile, so my point of view will be from that angle. I see a lot of pages that will use the following formula.

    1.Create a niche social media presence with a broad enough range of offers or products that cater to that niche.
    2. Build your fb group on autopilot with a smm dashboard, not just mine but there are others, and get a bunch of content set to go out automaticity.
    3. Once you have content coming onto your page that is targeted at your niche then they start mixing in offers either to different landing pages or direct to offers.

    Find an affiliate offer or program that you think your customers would be likely to buy, and schedule them into your content occasionally.
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    You can put ads up to whatever you are selling. You get the top spot as a sticky ad or group rules post. You can do adsense ads for the clips you are showing as well. Ask them to join your mailing list and offer a free bonus or VIP information for them. When they join give good quality content and recommend whatever you are promoting
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    Sell apparel with short movie quotes, inside jokes and similar through Printful. You wouldn't even have to mess with inventory or shipping. Just make sure that the phrase isn't trademarked first. If you don't have design skills, you can get the artwork done for cheap on Fiverr.

    I knew a guy that had a business running fan clubs for celebrities. That was fifteen years ago though.
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    So many possibilities. You can make yourself an Amazon affiliate and put up product reviews related to the fan page subject matters. You can sell t-shirts off cafe press type sites where all the work is done for you after you set up the product page on their portal. You can point members to a YouTube channel that you created and monetize that via ads before the videos.

    If I were you, I'd take time out of my day and just brainstorm without even worrying whether any ideas you come up with will actually work or not. Just put your head in the space of limitless possibilities and know that you can eliminate ideas that are no good later on after you've completed the creative process.
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    as far as I see, we cannot monotize our fanpage. FB does not allowe us to do so like on Youtube
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    You can put videos with ads or link to a blog post with ads in it. I have both blogs and youtube channels, I only need traffic.
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    3 top ways you can do it:

    1. Do a giveaway in return for their email address - this works really well!
    2. Tell them to email or call you for a free consultation
    3. Mention products on your page & offer a discount coupon if they act now.

    This has generated me a considerable amount of income in the last 6 years.

    Hope that helps!

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