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So as I go further and further down the social media rabbit hole I keep coming up with questions.

Ive created a twitter, instagram, tumblr and pinterest (in addition to a fb fanpage) with the goal of sharing images / motivational posters that I create. You all know the type.

My question is, is it worth it to watermark the images I'm creating so they don't get stolen and re-used?

ex. on instagram I'd add "@accounthandle" to the very bottom and in small font. I'd do the same for tumblr, pinterest etc.
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    You need to realize that if someone wanted to steal your work , all they would need to do is simply copy and paste into adobe and photoshop the tag out.

    Think of using the watermark as another eye-catcher / piece of your marketing technique.

    The watermark may also resemble authority.
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    Yes you can do that no issues if you are the sole person with the rights to use that image.
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    I don't see a problem with your watermark. It's a little extra promotion for you should anyone lift it. I don't think it is bothersome either. I sometimes add a watermark with my credit on certain pictures that I have taken before I upload to social media.

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    Its Ok if someone uses your images if there tagged because if they do it right they will give you credit with a repost say on Instagram and if people use your pics others will see where the pic originated from and then can go follow you so it can get you followers for free by tagging your work.
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    I think its worth it ffor the branding. We all know that images on like Facebook, twitter etc get more clicks. By watermarking them will only add more clicks to your site increasing revenue for you.

    I watermark most of my images all the time in order to project a more professional image to my posts. I have learned that watermarking increases my click throughs by 6% for the same post without watermarking. This was done gauging 2 different posts with and without watermarking for a total of 4 posts in a given month. Just the professional image is good for me, however some images just do not call for it. I don't like t watermark just to watermark either.

    Watermarking is great for instagram for some reason as well.
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    I don't have anything against watermarks as long as it doesn't look awful on the image. You can also use it for branding, you can maybe use your social media handle/s or maybe add a small copy of your logo and just adjust the opacity so that it won't look as dominant on the image.
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    You can watermark it and probably should, but like it was said it can be undone in photoshop relatively easy. Are you able to market without using these images? Perhaps if you are worry about them being taken from you, they may not be needed. If you are able to use images, you can tweet images, pin images (Pinterest), share your images on reddit, tumblr, facebook, and instagram of course. So it almost seems like its worth the risk...
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    People are right the watermark can be removed easily.

    I don't watermark my photos, but I do put my logo and website or social media handle on all photos.
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  • I also agree with 'Funtobesocial'. watermark can be easily removed. Watermark images are not safe.
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